Margate Student Rebuilds & Buys Computers For Those In Need.

David Lilienfeld

David Lilienfeld of Margate is helping to close the digital divide. Now a senior at ACIT, Atlantic County Institute of Technology, David takes old computers, fixes them up, installs the latest operating system, and gives them to those in need.

His organization is called David’s Digital Donations. You can find him on Facebook.

Lilienfeld is in the IT Academy of ACIT, earning certifications in computer hardware and software.

David has always been interested in technology, says mother, Sherri Lilienfeld, who owns Apex Prime Realty in Ventnor.

Sherri Lilienfeld: When my son was younger, a computer was always nearby. David learned much about computers simply by having problems with them. He would research solutions, and then fix them.

A Younger David Lilienfeld

The recent public health challenge and lock-downs created more struggle. Especially for those who needed web access and computer for virtual work and/or school.

It’s very tough for families that don’t have a computer at home.


As David Lilienfeld matured, he realized how different his life was from others.

Plenty of people in Atlantic County that didn’t have a computer like he did. They had to use a school or library computer instead. Not very convenient to wait in line to use one.

A year before his Bar Mitzvah, Lilienfeld wanted to start giving back. He began David’s Digital Donations, where he collected old or unused computers. Many provide cash donations for this noble cause.

He refurbished the old computers, wiping their data to remove personal information, and made sure they worked properly. Lilienfeld bought laptops with the cash donations received.

Whenever I had a computer ready to go, or enough to buy a laptop, I’d donate it to someone who really needed it. I did 12 computer donations before. I hope to donate even more now.

During Spring of 2016, he halted the David’s Digital Donations project as his school work became more intense.

He knew however, that he would one day start it up again.

The mission of David’s Digital Donations is more important, now, more than ever. The mission: donate to families and individuals that need a computer for work or school.

The newly designed David’s Digital Donations website is up and running to help revive the project.

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