Margate Students Returning To Classrooms Sept 3. Did Online ZOOM Teaching Work?

margate schools audrey becker
Ross School Principal, Audrey Becker

First day of Margate school is September 3. All classes will be taught in-person, daily from 8:15a til 12:15p.

Learn more at next Margate Board of Education meeting, 6p. Wednesday, Aug. 12.

  • Masks must be worn by staff and students unless socially distanced.
  • Students will not have lunch or recess. Children provided time for snack.
  • Most extracurricular clubs and programs offered remotely or in-person.
  • Meals available daily for students.
  • Daily health screening of staff and students.
  • Social distancing to the maximum extent possible.

Did Margate Schools Properly Teach Our Kids During The Shut-Down?

At a recent Margate School Board meeting, parents talked about the pros and cons of online education and ZOOM schooling. Parents were happy with how Tighe Middle School handled home education during Spring 2020. Ross Elementary School did not receive the same high praise.

WATCH VIDEO clips from May 6, 2020.

Notes from MAY 6, 2020 Margate School Board Meeting:

Parents took on large part of teaching the kids during lock-down. They wanted more than just a 3-minute videos from teacher.

Margate School ZOOM meetings were rare, but well-liked and effective.

Other districts did more ZOOM meetings than Margate. Parents asked why there wasn’t more virtual learning. ‘Kids want to see their teachers and friends.’

My 3rd grader learned about cocaine, crack & meth… without a teacher. Is this content monitored?

Margate Parent

Access 6pm AUG 12 Margate School Board meeting online here.

Margate BOE May 2020
Margate School Superintendent Baruffi

It’s not fair to my child. Why do I have to teach my kid? Why doesn’t the art teacher teach my kid? Some teachers were just sending recorded videos to kids. ZOOM calls were much better, but rarely used.

Kids more eager to deal with a live teacher on ZOOM, the online video conferencing platform…. rather than their own parent.

Margate Mom

Margate Principal Audrey Becker says teachers were being unfairly criticized.

Margate School Principal Audrey Becker was opposed to ZOOM and Google Meetings. Becker believes these online teaching platforms are unsafe for kids.

Parents disagreed with Principal Becker. They point to other towns like EHT who had great success with live, ZOOM meetings.

Most of the concerns were at Ross school.

Margate School Superintendent Dr. Baruffi

Mrs. Audrey Becker is Principal of Ross Elementary School and the Director of Curriculum for Margate City Public Schools. Becker is related to the Mayor of Margate.

Tighe Middle School, under the leadership of Principal Gaskill, running smooth. But at ROSS Elementary, 3rd grade assignments are said to be confusing. 3rd graders not getting proper instruction, says a local parent.

FACT: Margate has some of the highest per-student costs of all NJ school districts. Approx. $30,000 per student.

Margate School District costs taxpayers close to $13 million each year.

Margate School District: Approx 350 students split between two schools.

Public Comment: Principal Gaskill at Tighe Middle School doing great things. Field trips, etc. Gaskill getting much praise for his out-of-the-box thinking.

Access 6pm AUG 12 Margate School Board meeting online here.


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  1. We worry so much about our kids going back to school. What about what is happening on our beaches after dark on weekends especially? There are crowds of kids drinking and screaming. They are on bicycles so they are young. Then they hang out at the bulkhead on Washington Avenue. They are often out there until midnight or later, using The worst language and jumping fences into condo pools in the area. The police come, watch them, talk to them, and then leave. their hands seem to be tied. Last night I saw a boy walking with a very young girl who was very unsteady. He took her behind the dunes and all the kids there yelled that they knew what these two were going to do. People who want a boardwalk should come to Washington avenue tonight or tomorrow night and see for yourselves. We worry about spreading covid and these kids are not wearing masks and not social distancing. What kind of parents let them out to disturb the peace and quiet of people who live in that area? II guarantee if it were in your neighborhood, you would do something. These are not bad kids, but they need rules and guidance. When I see something really wrong, I call the police and they always come. I am not your babysitter. Keep your kids at home so I can sleep without the loud radios and screaming. It’s your job parents,not mine or the others who live in this area.

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