Margate To Accept Tuition Students. New Pre-School Programs Also Likely.

Margate will try a last ditch effort to save the district’s 2 half-empty schools. The Margate school district will soon start accepting tuition students for the 2019-2020 school year. The cost will be $5,000 per non-resident student.

The Margate school district is scrambling to fill the growing amount of empty classroom seats.

Reports show that approx 10 students will be enrolled for Margate 1st grade in Fall 2019. That’s just 5 kids per class.

That’s one reason why the Margate School district wants to start a pre-school program as well.

The bad news: this move would negatively affect at least 3 local, child-focused businesses. Likely putting them out of business. All in the name of propping up 2 half-empty, public schools. Brigantine did this last year. It was nasty.

Brigantine School Scheme Kills Local Business. Read how Mayor Phil Guenther and other officials shuttered private business, in order to prop-up declining school district enrollment.

The Margate School Board, along with the 3 commissioners, are facing more heat.

Margate has some of the highest educational costs in the New Jersey. $30,000 per student.

Classroom sizes vary from single digits to the mid-teens, similar to private schools.

Margate tuition has continued to rise, even as enrollment declines. Charges of nepotism often directed at Mayor Becker, and Commissioners Amodeo and Blumberg.

The Margate School District features 2 half-empty schools. Total enrollment is now less than 350 students. Dropping faster.

For comparison purposes, Brigantine will consolidate their 2 schools by FALL 2019, even though Brigantine enrollment is still relatively healthy with over 500 students.

While elected Margate officials prefer to keep both schools operating, no matter how few students, the State of NJ will likely force their hand to consolidate.

6 thoughts on “Margate To Accept Tuition Students. New Pre-School Programs Also Likely.”

  1. Tax Paying Resident

    The time has PAST for keeping 2 schools operating !!! Teaching staff and administrators need less people for the small amount of district pupils . Changes MUST occur since the nature of Margate’s population has and is changing — LESS families with school-age children . Also, why the high priced teaching Staff – Margate has the 4th HIGHEST Median Salary in the entire state of New Jersey ! Margate’s anthem – sung by the privileged full- time residents — ” It’s A Family Affair ! “

  2. Why invite other school districts to send students to Margate for $5k / year to allow our neighboring schools to save $$$ b.c. their own costs are much higher? Shall Margate tax payers in addition to paying one of the highest school taxes in NJ at $30k/year subsidize school costs of non-Margate residents @ $25k/year? Who in their right mind come up with such a proposal? Hope it will not be implemented! It is time to consolidate Margate schools to cut on expenses!


      I hope that’s not how Margate teaches math. You spend $30,000 and get $5,000 back. Doesn’t sound like a good deal to me

    2. c'mon its not that hard to understand

      Adding additional students doesn’t cost an additional $30k… The 30k cost per pupil is just the budget divided by the enrollment. There is capacity in some classes to add students without increasing the overall budget. For example, adding 8 or 9 first graders to the class of 10 wouldn’t necessitate an additional teacher, so it would bring the cost per pupil down.

  3. Why in the world wouldn’t 10 students be in only 1 class???? I’m a public school teacher and even I find that insane. Teachers are furloughed all the time. There is no reason to pay 2 teachers for 10 kids.

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