Margate & Ventnor Pressured to Merge Schools as Enrollment Plummets

The pressure is growing on Margate & Ventnor leadership. Concerned citizens, taxpayers, and especially 2nd home-owners and those on a fixed income, are demanding more fiscal responsibility via shared services.

Why should Margate & Ventnor have separate schools and public safety departments?

‘Time for some adult supervision at our local school board’. That’s what Margate’s John Sewell thinks as he voiced his 3 minutes of public comment at the Sept 7 Margate Commissioners meeting.

Margate & Ventnor Shared Services. LISTEN>

Margate & Ventnor school enrollment is declining at a faster clip. The new 2017/18 Margate kindergarten, with only 38 new kids, is divided into three separate classes.

NJ State requirements say classes should be between 18-21 students. In Margate’s case, there should be 2 classes instead of 3. What gives?

Commissioners were questioned why Margate school grades have 3 classes, 3 teachers, and 3 separate salaries. NJ State requirements say 2 of each would suffice.