Margate Wants State To Finish Beach Sewer Pipe Project

margate dunes Army Corp DEP
Dangerous Beach Bolts

Margate says NO. The dune and beach sewer project is still NOT 100% complete. The Mayor says the State of NJ, Army Corp of Engineers & NJ DEP, still have some cleaning up and fixes to accomplish.

Here we go again.

Are the 3 Margate Commissioners, once again, getting taken for a ride by the State of NJ?

For the past three years, the Army Corps of Engineers dredged, pumped sand, built dunes and installed 5, massive sewer pipes on the beaches of Margate.

A beach pipe network that no one really wanted. Except for a few elected leaders hell bent on spending taxpayer funds. Lose it or lose it.

Five Dragons. A wooden ‘cradle’ system for each, that helps anchor and protect the pipe. Large bolts hold the thick lumber together.

margate dunes Army Corp DEP

Who’s responsible for trimming those gnarly bolts? The ACOE? DEP? The City? The contractor is leaving behind sloppy work. Margate taxpayers hosed again?

Longport didn’t have to cut theirs. The contractor automatically did that obvious task. But not for Margate. So what gives?

Bolts still protruding along the entire length of the outfall system. Clearly a danger to the public.

Drainage over-kill. Five, 48-inch sewer pipes draining street water directly into the Margate surf.

Now 99% complete, the Army Corps of Engineers and the DEP will soon convey (hand over) dune & outfall management responsibilities to the City of Margate.

The Army Corps wants Margate to handle the outfall sewer bolt issue.

Not so fast. Hundreds of industrial bolts. Jutting out an average of 2 inches.

Guaranteed. Kids will play on these things. Dangerous surf monkey bars.

margate dune system sewer Army Corp DEP

Important: Inline check valves have yet to be installed in the outfall / beach sewer pipe. These gizmos help prevent unwanted ocean backflow.

Check valves keep ocean water from being pushed up into the streets during storms and high tides.

City wants ACOE & DEP to handle a handful of other messy things, such as stones and other debris left behind in the sand.

1 thought on “Margate Wants State To Finish Beach Sewer Pipe Project”

  1. What a mess ! If these commissioners did there job we would not have this mess!
    And they want to be re-elected???? Are you kidding me! This is just one of many things they are doing to kill our city.
    Let’s get rid of at least our 81 year old Mayor who is sickly and get a new, young and forward thinking commissioner.
    Vote for Calvin Tesler ONLY and we may have a chance for change. If not? Then look out.

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