Margate Water Park And Back Bay Dredging Update

Coming Soon To Amherst Ave in 2020?

Fairly good chance a floating water park along Amherst Ave in Margate will launch SUMMER 2020.

Margate Waterpark Plan Features Porta-Potties on Amherst Sidewalk.

Barry Sherman of 9510 Amherst Ave. concerned about MARCH 26 paperwork from an environmental consulting firm. Listen & see diagram below.

Amherst water park & dredging discussion.

Margate Commissioner John Amodeo: ‘we have no authority about what happens on the water. NJ DEP has total control. They can do whatever they want in that water.’

Joe Kelly of 9510 Amherst Ave. represents the Margate Mariner; a 61 unit condo. They’re opposed to a water park. Kelly says: ‘You control the land. How can you open a business in Margate with no parking and no permanent toilets?’

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Issue: Margate getting closer to finding a legal place to dump those ‘dredge spoils’.

New bulkheads, sidewalks and parking spots should be finished soon. BUT…there’s still a need for dredging in that area. (see diagram)

The spoils dump could be on Shelter Island, in back bay of Ventnor. It could also be a spot in back bay of Chelsea Atlantic City. Near Vagabond Restaurant.

Abbott: Dredging is a very expensive proposition.

Residents asking if public funds will be used to dredge this private business….which allegedly, Margate has no control of, because it’s in DEP controlled water.

Member of DEP will visit with Margate leadership this week to talk about back bay dredging options.

Margate Solicitor John Scott Abbott: Shelter Island dredging damaged marine habitat.

The Margate CFO says there’s no money in the budget for dredging studies. Not even matching funds.

Two potential grants are avail tho. Stu Farrell from Stockton Coastal Research Center says money is needed for studies.

Ventnor & Margate co-own that hole on Shelter Island. Ventnor residents likely not familiar with pros & cons of this potential project. Ventnor leadership fully apprised of Margate’s current efforts?

Resident feedback: Using public funds for bay & marina dredging sounds like welfare for the affluent.

Resident feedback: Once May 14 Margate election is over, residents may find it more difficult to press for greater transparency with projects like these.

18 thoughts on “Margate Water Park And Back Bay Dredging Update”

  1. More traffic and out of control speeding in Margate with minimal enforcement. This great little town is being flush down the toilet by corrupt leadership. What a shame!

    1. I agree. We live one block from Amherst and not very happy about water park project. Now they’re going to add Porta potties on street? What kind of town will Margate become?

      1. Totally agree that between the food truck, miniature golf and now this water park, it’s becoming one big eye sore.
        I feel so sorry for the condo owners on the back of the bay. Looking at all this development and having no control over what is being put out in front of their property.
        Your taxes should be cut in half.

  2. We find the sudden interest and urgency in back bay dredging very curious when for decades no one cared a wit about constant flooding on Vendome Ave due to Margate’s disinterest in back bay dreading. Margate commissioners had some kind of offer to dredge with funds from the state once, but they muffed it. Now we’re getting portapotties?

  3. Porta potties on the sidewalk should not be a solution. Margate may not have authority over the water but the sidewalks must be in their jurisdiction. I doubt the commissioners would have one on the sidewalk in front of their homes. This would be an eyesore and total disgrace for the city of Margate. I don’t have an objection to the waterpark, although it would make parking more difficult in an already tough place to park. However, it will be run by a business, therefore, bathrooms should be provided in a permanent aesthetically pleasing manner.

  4. Between the proposed water park with porta potties and the raised office or whatever that is sticking out like a sore thumb on the newly built marina (Barbary Coast) on Amherst, I have no idea what the leaders of Margate are thinking or doing. Are they even walking down to Amherst to see what is going on? Ever since a much smaller water park was opened several years ago in Sea Isle City NJ by the same owner, the local residents have been furious with the noise and traffic in the area. The beautiful landscape and class of the marina district is quickly being destroyed. Forget about trying to park your car down there and finding peace and quiet watching the beautiful sunset. It’s all about to end and real estate values are sure to take a hit. Nice job commissioners.

  5. Having worked for a board of commissioners for 33 years in my county, I cannot understand what the Margate Commissioners or planning board members are thinking or doing. It seems from what I have heard and read, that they are unaware and uninvolved in what is happening on the bay. Parking here for local residents is already extremely difficult in the summer with the limited amount of parking spaces. I read an article where the owner of the proposed water park stated “the bayfront is an only member’s club and that’s got to change”. That is not true at all!! Many people come here and enjoy the waterfront and take in the beautiful views. Blow up rafts, slides and porta potties will take away the beautiful landscape of those who live there and those who come to enjoy the view and peace and quiet. The Margate bayfront is a special place, I hope it stays that way and retains it’s beautiful views and charm.

  6. If you want to live in a very quiet town go to stone harbor or strathmere , this is what I remember growing up as a kid in Longport and margate , we always had mini golf , and other fun stuff to do as kids , now there is nothing but a bunch of shoobies in town homes that live there 4 months out of the year.

    1. Shoo bie, you are kidding us all, right? Trying to control the city. Meaning you are kidding all the full time and part time homeowners. GTFO! Really?

      If you pay taxes, don’t you want a voice in how your money is spent? Don’t you want a voice as to the future of your town?

      Do you realize that if the shoobies leave, as you have so suggested, then the PD, FD and school system will all fall apart and the full timers (locals) will be left with a mess. How will your trash be collected? Your ball fields be maintained. All the services that 60 plus percent of the homeowners pay for will be lost.

      The 2nd homeowners only use the services a few months a year but their taxes enable you to enjoy the services ALL year.

      You may not like all that the 2nd homeowners write and they may not like all you write . However we are in this together. The 2nd homeowners are supporting financially all the city services and all they want is to be heard. Just like you. All of our voices matter.

      The 2nd homeowners are saving this city from becoming a memory. Remember, we all have a point of view and we need to respect each other and not always agree with each other.

      1. No disrespect Bob, but it seems that these 2nd home owners are the only ones constantly complaining .Why (and I don’t have an answer) does it seem that the locals are ok with this stuff but 2nd home owners aren’t?

        1. I don’t think it should matter – if you OWN a home in Margate and live there ALL year or just in the summer your opinions should DEFINITELY matter!

  7. Would a kids water park interfere with existing offenders if any lived nearby? I think this may need to be looked into further to see if any exist in surrounding area.

  8. this waterpark is such a bad idea… I own a condo on Amherst and Jefferson… I have trouble enough with people parking in my parking spot… what is going to happen now??? and I am one of those 2nd home owners but I do believe I have rights and I pay for the parking spot and should be able to come down late at night and park there… I shutter to think what will happen to the whole town that I love so much

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