Margate Zoning & Planning Still Lenient On Those Who Violate Building Codes

Margate Planning Meeting

Margate Planning Board still dealing with non-compliant construction. Third story decks seem to be all the rage, but rules regarding those decks are still in flux.

Another Margate homeowner starts build of deck without proper building permits.

Board member Mike Cristaldi is tired of hearing: ‘go ahead and build it, they’ll forgive you. It’s annoying. But I’m still gonna vote YES.’

LISTEN TO AUDIO from July 30, 2020 meeting.

LISTEN 7.30.2020 Planning Board
Mike Cristaldi of Planning Board

Margate Zoning Officer, Roger McLarnon: Third floor decks are not permitted in this part of Margate.

The applicant on Vendome Ave is seeking a variance on their house that’s already improved and still under construction. They want a 3rd floor deck.

Collins & Cristaldi

Margate Planning Board member Tom Collins: not big fan of 3rd floor decks in certain Margate neighborhoods. Collins voted no.

‘They got caught’.

Tom Collins, Margate Planning Board

70 construction projects in Margate currently. Code enforcement is conducted by Roger McLarnon and Jim Gallantino.

Don’t ask for permission, just get forgiveness after the fact.

Margaret GuberNulty of Planning Board

Public Comment: It’s not fair to those who follow proper construction & zoning rules.

Fear of large 3rd floor party decks. After Sandy, it made more sense to build higher. Neighbors fear loss of privacy, tho.

2 thoughts on “Margate Zoning & Planning Still Lenient On Those Who Violate Building Codes”

  1. My neighbor and I recently received violation letters because our grass, which is mowed every Wednesday, was too high. Amazing –they can do a drive-by and threaten a lien on your property for lengthy grass but they fail to notice an extra story being built.

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