Margate’s Amherst Promenade Delayed, Expensive Lumber Tough To Get

Margate Amherst Promenade
Amherst promenade delayed

The Amherst Ave Marina District project in Margate is delayed a bit. Supplies and building materials tougher to get for that promenade. Especially lumber.

Margate city engineer reports that he’s waiting for the lumber needed to complete the Amherst Ave promenade. LISTEN to audio from May 6, 2021.

Margate Engineer Ed Dennis
  • Wood shipment #1 should arrive by mid-May.
  • Wood shipment#2 expected after Memorial Day. More likely: late June.
  • Decking first, then railings and lighting to be installed.
  • Amherst project about 30 days behind at this point.
  • Supply chain has slowed. Cost of materials like lumber have doubled and tripled.

Cost of building Amherst Ave promenade in Margate is about $2.1 million, so far.

Once completed, Amherst Ave will then become a one-way street towards Longport, between Washington & Coolidge.

Margate and Ventnor Backbay Dredging News

Dredging needed at Beach Thorofare, Bayshore Lagoon, and both the Sunset and Orient Canals.

The proposed SPOILS (dredge materials) disposal area is a back-bay hole near near Albany Ave in Atlantic City.

Margate also wants to dump potentially contaminated spoils into a hole on Shelter Island behind Ventnor.

NJ DEP and Army Corps of Engineers will handle the dredge project. Will take several years.

2 thoughts on “Margate’s Amherst Promenade Delayed, Expensive Lumber Tough To Get”

  1. @ Concerned. Not sure what you’re getting at??
    The material is already in the bay.It will be moved after decades of Democrats refusing to allow dredging. This refusal has harmed thousands of homeowners & boaters.

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