Margate’s Amherst Promenade Lumber Lost At Sea?

The Amherst Ave promenade coming along nicely on the back bay of Margate. Decking looks to be approx 60% complete.

You can’t make this stuff up. Lumber ‘lost at sea.’ When the supply ship arrived, our decking lumber was missing.

LISTEN. Margate Commissioner Meeting, July 15, 2021. >

Lumber Lost at Sea

The finished portion of the promenade may be open sooner than later. Railings and lighting being installed now. ADA access ramps nearing completion.

The next & last load of needed decking lumber was allegedly ‘lost at sea’ according to the Margate Engineer.

Nonetheless, things are looking great on Amherst Ave in Margate, with more building supplies on the way.

4 thoughts on “Margate’s Amherst Promenade Lumber Lost At Sea?”

  1. Thought Margate’s voters didn’t want a Boardwalk? But here’s one they didn’t get to vote for, or against.

    Paid for totally by Margate taxpayers.

    What happened to flooding on the back bay everyone screamed about? This new Boardwalk will be underwater every time it floods back there.

    The hypocrisy is mind boggling.

  2. Irving Shapiro jr

    Margate has 3 board members who are totally clueless, especially the moron who said
    That cannabis is going to destroy the country but allows alcohol at the same time! All three need to be removed and replaced with clowns

    1. Such brilliant insight, Irving. Have to love the guy calling people morons, yet calling for them to be replaced by clowns. Full time residents are the only voters – the burden/opportunity lies with them.

  3. Craven Moorehead

    You just have to love the way they got that boardwalk built, right under our noses.

    (yes I’m a year round resident).

    I agree with Mr Shapiro, clowns might be an improvement over these board members who were no doubt “greased” along the way.

    A full investigation should be made: pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered…

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