Margate’s Bart Blatstein Enters Battle for Bader Field in Atlantic City

Real Estate developer Bart Blatstein is a not your typical Philly guy with a summer home in Margate.

Blatstein runs a privately held development company called Tower Investments Inc, well known for acquiring high-potential yet distressed Real Estate. (Often under challenging circumstances)

The Pier at Caesars, Garden Pier in front of Ocean Casino and Showboat Hotel are but a few examples of Tower’s past acquisitions.

showboat waterpark
Showboat Waterpark Under Construction. (Wildwood Video Archive)

Currently building a waterpark next to his Showboat Hotel on the Boardwalk, Blatstein now wants a shot at turning abandoned Bader Field into Atlantic City’s next housing and retail success.

Bader Field is a 43-acre site owned by Atlantic City, but controlled by the State of NJ.

Former Bader Airport.

Blatstein is teaming up with The Post Brothers who have experience in the Philly area constructing apartments, office and retail space.

They’re proposing a $3 billion plan called ‘Casa Mar’, which means Ocean House.

Blatstein Proposal.

Multi-family housing according to Blatstein: All rentals. Rent for six months, six years, or 20 years without having to buy a home or condo and worrying about down payments etc.

Post Brothers prides itself on being a leader in “green” development. Energy Star appliances, compact fluorescent or other high-efficiency light bulbs, new high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, ceiling fans in every bedroom and living room, double-pane thermal insulated windows, and heavy insulation throughout.

Blatstein & AC Mayor Small.

Battle for Bader.

Bart Blatstein & Post Brothers vs DEEM.

Deem Enterprises has already proposed a $2.7 billion recreational, residential and retail plan for Bader that features an auto race track.

DEEM plan features 423 condo units encircling the track, and another 372 apartments and 34 townhomes along Albany Avenue, many for rent.

DEEM atlantic city
DEEM Racetrack & Housing Development

Deem Enterprises LLC is a New Jersey Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on March 9, 2021. The registered agent on file for this company is Daniel J Gallagher of Atlantic City, NJ.

Embattled Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small, prefers the Deem Enterprises proposal over Blatstein’s. Small’s preference easily ignored by the State of NJ.

Blatstein has already reached out to NJ Gov., Phil Murphy.

Insider Bet: Blatstein plan features progressive ‘green building components’. NJ Gov Murphy may see that as a winning strategy. Whereas DEEM’s residential race track plan could be seen as a loud, fossil-fuel burning spectacle.

Developer Bart Blatstein Reimagines Atlantic City

Bart Blatstein & Pinky Kravitz, 2015.

To date, neither developer has addressed need for dedicated police and/or public safety patrols.

17 thoughts on “Margate’s Bart Blatstein Enters Battle for Bader Field in Atlantic City”

  1. NO, NO and NO!! What about holding Bader Field in perpetuity as an actual PARK? Much needed open lands for the Citizens of NJ? That’s what I want and that’s what we need! Not another hideous and potentially enormous expense on the taxpayers’shoulders for police and all other necessary services and expenses. Aside from more commercial eyesores that have a limited lifespan and are not needed. Clean up and develop Atlantic City first and foremost. Let’s show some real innovative change here! ENVIRONMENT, anyone?

    1. Yeah, why would you want to create huge tax revenues (to pay for city services) , affordable housing, jobs and attempt to improve stability/viability of the area when you can have 43 acres of non-revenue producing open lands… what color is the sky in your world?

    2. Um, both of these proposals ARE cleaning up and developing and AC. And certainly no reason that some of the land could at Bader Field could be preserved either way…. It’s a 43 acre site.

  2. Mr Blatstein,

    Let’s roll! What an amazing plan. I’d be happy to rent there asap. Ac was the place to be at the Jersey Shore. Has been shrugged off many, many years. This is what AC and the area need! Looks gorgeous. Get past the EPA waterway stuff asap. I’m soooo pumped and I’d be happy to work there too!!

  3. There’s a park being developed where the old building stood on Albany (up the road from Bader Field). In order to transform AC you need new influx of money and opportunity that is not Casino related. Showboat is betting on the waterpark which I believe will do well. The Atlantic Club is moving towards luxury condos. However, the economic fundamentals are that a greater tax base brings more resources (police, utilities, jobs, etc.). All this takes time and the right decisions. I’m glad Blatstein bypassed the mayor and went to the governor.

  4. Clean up Atlantic city make the boardwalk a jewel are you kidding me beef up police on the boardwalk why is this taking so long marie dowd long Beach island

  5. Public access to the waterfront, green spaces and low to moderate income housing options in Blatstein’s proposal might revitalize this corner of AC. The addition of a much needed grocery store and other public services in Chelsea Heights sounds wonderful! Right now it is a trash filled mess.

  6. I appreciate anyone with a positive outlook on Atlantic City, and willing to come up with a plan. Let’s give it a chance before trashing it.

  7. I think this property would be perfect for a new bridge coming off the black horse pike thru bader field into Atlantic City to Boston ave area..
    Parkway area…the old bridge is so very outdated
    Bader field property is only piece of land left to entertain thought of new bridge..
    Think about it..

  8. phil from ventnor

    love it! where can I put a deposit down? would make a great 2nd investment to have in addition to my first investment property in ventnor

  9. I think the Blatstein plan sounds great! Will clean up the area and will not be loud like the DEEM project. Chelsea heights could use the tax benefits and maybe the area will get some viable businesses that want to be there servicing the apartments that go in. Good luck

  10. Originally from this area, I want to see everyone prosper in Atlantic City. I love the addition of Stockton. However, I need to see businesses that produce jobs not Casino related in Atlantic City.

    I would like to also see charter school options such as the Leap Academy in Camden who partnered with Rutgers to transform education and they did an amazing job.

    We have options to create high tech high schools that teach specific trades that have been implemented in Monmouth County. I love the high school that focuses on Oceanography and creates jobs that make sense since we have an ocean in Atlantic City.

    I also love the Asbury Park small business culture that created wealth for everyone.

    I love development that creates equal wealth for the people in Atlantic City. I believe that makes more sense. We have a lot of success but making sure the future generations are part of this process to me is the best gift we could give to Atlantic City.

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