Margate’s Lucy The Elephant Turning 139

margate lucy the elephant

Lenny’s Hot Dogs, a favorite hang out in Margate during the late 1960’s and
early 1970’s will make a brief comeback to help celebrate Lucy the Elephant’s 139th
birthday and the 50th anniversary of Lucy’s historic move back in 1970.

The Save Lucy Committee, along with permission from Lenny’s Hot Dogs of Feasterville, PA, will re-create the iconic hot dog stand selling hot dogs with their famous pepper hash, corn on the cob and sodas.

Say “Happy Birthday” to Lucy the Elephant, Saturday, July 18, 10a to 8p; Sunday, July 19, 10a to 5p, and Monday, July 20 at 10:30a for the street re-naming.

1970 Move.

The stand will be re-created on Decatur Ave in Lucy’s parking lot, just a block from where the famous eatery stood 50 years ago at Washington and Atlantic Aves.

The hot dog stand is part of Lucy’s annual birthday celebration, scheduled for Saturday, July 18 from 10a to 8p and Sunday, July 19 from 10a to 5p.

In addition to Lenny’s, there will be a 9 hole mini-golf course and a giant inflatable corn hole toss on the grounds.

We couldn’t let Lucy’s birthday just pass by without some sort of celebration”

Rich Helphant

Additionally, there will be a dedicated “drive-by” lane on Atlantic Avenue where people can wish Lucy a happy birthday and hopefully drop a little gift (cash) in her collection cans. Everyone favorite STILT-WALKER, MACKIE will be on hand to greet Lucy’s friends and well-wishers.

There will be 2 collectible t-shirts this year; one featuring the original design from 1970 and another featuring Lenny’s at Lucy; 50th Anniversary.

And to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Lucy’s historic move, the City of Margate will officially be re-naming the beach block of Decatur Ave.

At a brief ceremony to be held on Monday, July 20th at 10:30am, the City will unveil the street’s new name, LUCY PLAZA. The public is invited to the ceremony.

Check out Lucy’s website at

2 thoughts on “Margate’s Lucy The Elephant Turning 139”

  1. Happy birthday Lucy. We walked with you down the street when you moved. My kids Sat on my husbands shoulders and we walked to your new home. Have all your T-shirts…and will buy the new ones. ⭐️🎂❤️⭐️
    Shelly Rosen

  2. Lucy is truly a treasure and makes Margate special. Looking forward to the celebration.
    Happy 139! 🎉💕😊

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