Margate’s Ted Greenberg, Redefining Local TV News

This guy deserves a statue in the middle of town. Maybe name a Margate street after him.

He’s TV Ted. Mr. Greenberg. Nobody better at his craft.

It’s not easy holding an on-air, news media job for decades. But Ted Greenberg has.

Great hair, deep voice, brains. Cool job covering South Jersey shore for NBC-10 TV in Philly.

Member of the Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame.

Master of ‘back-pack journalism’. This is where the reporter covers the news….solo, with no help.

Margate’s Ted Greenberg handles camera work, audio, editing, writing, driving the van, etc.

Have you seen Ted’s use of drone cameras? Superb.

Truly awesome.

Next time you see Ted in the vegetable aisle at Casel’s, thank him for his journalistic excellence.

5 thoughts on “Margate’s Ted Greenberg, Redefining Local TV News”

  1. Ted Greenberg always does an outstanding job. He is one of the best journalists. We are so lucky to have him.

    I would really like to see more of him on channel 10!

    Over the years when I have seen Ted and his family in Margate, I would wave and greet him. He never was too busy to wave back, give a smile and greeting to me.

    He is just as nice off air as he is on air. He is the best!

    1. How can I submit news release for my playwright’s group?
      We are performing eight original plays on Sept 18,2022 in Atlantic City.
      We are the group that formerly provided entertainment for free inside the Margate library.
      Rachel Kaplan 609-601-9191
      4 Jackson Drive EHT 08234
      what is your e-mail address ?

  2. Exactly what channel does South Jersey (Longport, Margate, Ventnor and Atlantic City) have a news station? Where can I find Mr. Ted Greenberg? As far as I know when they did away with channel four yrs. ago we never had any news for South Jersey.

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