Marven Gardens. Margate’s Rare Real Estate Find.

Almost a century old, Marven Gardens in Margate attracted admiration from Hollywood filmmakers, as well as Charles Darrow, the inventor of Monopoly. The iconic board game features properties like Ventnor Ave., Atlantic Ave. and the neighborhood of Marvin Gardens, one of the most expensive spots to land on.

Marven Gardens, a rare and lovely neighborhood tucked away between Margate City and Ventnor.

In 1922, the Frank Pendrick building company erected 20 unique homes in a circular configuration and called it Marven Gardens, named by combining Margate and Ventnor (Mar-Ven). At the time, it was the most restrictive residential development in the country. Each home would be unique. Not a cookie cutter. The very best architects were called upon to create Tudor Revival, Mission / Spanish Revival, and Colonial style homes.

The gardens of Marven Gardens feature rose bushes, junipers, and hydrangeas.

Margate ‘McMansions’ not welcome in Marven Gardens.

“Most of the 120 Marven Gardens homeowners are highly protective of their community”, says local Real Estate broker, Sherri Lillienfeld of Apex Prime Realty. Current flood insurance issues and ultra-strict height restrictions are often in conflict.

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