Atlantic City Cannabis Czar, Mayor’s Wingman, Ex-Pornstar, School Board Candidate

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Downbeach residents could one day be downwind from the east coast hub of recreational cannabis. That’s according to Kash McKinley, top aide to Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small.

McKinley also claims to be the ‘concierge’ you’ll need if you want to do business in Atlantic City.

In November, McKinley hopes to win a seat on the Atlantic City School Board. Note: Ventnor has seat on board and sends 191 students to ACHS at cost of $4mil per year.

Watch video: Kash McKinley (Mayor’s top aide) will smoke weed everyday for rest of his life.

At one time, McKinley was also known as ‘Mike Hard’, failed porn-star.

His City Hall job provides $75k plus benefits. Job description not posted. Unknown.

6 thoughts on “Atlantic City Cannabis Czar, Mayor’s Wingman, Ex-Pornstar, School Board Candidate”

  1. How did this idiot land this position? Fire them all! Vote them all out and clean house. People are just smoking that crap everywhere. Zombie generation.

  2. “Atlantic City gonna be east coast hub for cannabis.”

    Well, we’re certainly not the East coast hub for grammar. Unbelievable people like this have positions of power. Gonna (sic) run the ship into the ground.

  3. Phil from Ventnor

    As they say in Philly, the brothers and sisters are running this city. Yikes. Can we build a wall on Jackson Avenue before it is too late?

    1. So Phil, every time there is an article about AC you make some clearly racially fueled comment, and end with building a wall. Perhaps, you should either:

      a) Move or
      b) Build your own wall around your house

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