Memories in Margate Property for Sale

Property for Sale.

According to Blavat’s longtime partner, Keely Stahl, Memories in Margate is for sale.

The club opened in 1971. Memories is owned by New Gold Inc. of Philadelphia.

The property at Amherst & Madison is assessed at $854,100.

“The Geator with the Heater” died on Jan. 20 at 82.

Best case scenario would be, as Jerry wished, for it to continue as the kind of club he ran so people can continue to enjoy the kind of music he played and create new memories. And we’re all hoping to have at least ONE memorial event there before everything is final.

Keep Memories open for a 51st summer? Many want a final party at Memories in Margate, before it’s sold.


6 thoughts on “Memories in Margate Property for Sale”

    1. Place was a cash cow, guess the family doesn’t need the money?
      Jerry worked his tail off. His whole life. Dies, up for sale, what a thanks.

      1. I think you’ve totally missed the point. The real value of Memories was Jerry and the crowds HE would attract. Same music, different showman and it’s not nearly the same. The value of the business (not the property) declined massively with his passing. That’s why they are selling. It’s just business, it’s not personal.

  1. HE WILL BE MISSED FOR SURE.the building, memories and Philadelphia will never be the same. Even if someone opened it, it wouldn’t be the same. Without Jerry, it just a club, it’s not memories in margate.

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