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Fay ZelenkoMy husband and I recently have had dealings with Michael Einwechter that summed up to what everyone else has experienced. Unfortunately, I did not do my due deligence, shame on me, and we wound up getting scammed out of a nice amount of money. I have obviously now been well informed about how corrupt he is! And today, his phone number is out of service.
Any recourse at this moment I feel is probably moot- please let me know if and I how I may be able to persue him.

Michael Einwechter
Amazing Ventnor
216 N Dorset Ave
Ventnor City, NJ 08406

Amazing Ventnor, Michael Einwechter

Ventnor’s Michael Einwechter: A Long, Long, Track Record of Financial Impropriety, and It Keeps Getting Longer.

We were made aware of the following improper incidents by Ventnor’s Michael Einwechter. His well known & well-documented issues make us wonder why locals & vendors continue to support/endorse this person. Local newspapers sing his praises.

But clearly, Mr Einwechter / Schallus is a substantial negative liability to anyone that associates with him or organizations that he forms.

Summer 2016: A vendor purchased a Ventnor ‘street flag’ from Einwechter / Ventnor Tourism. It was to have her business name emblazoned on the flag/banner. It never was produced or placed on a street pole. It took over 5 months to get the money back from Einwechter. When the vendor finally received a $200 refund, 12 weeks later, it was written on a SCHALLUS CONSTRUCTION Fraud check, which could be seen as improper co-mingling of monies by Einwechter.
Note: Schallus is Einwechter’s construction business.

Schallus Construction Michael Einwechter REVIEW

Schallus Construction did not prove to be a reputable company. After we paid, we found some shoddy areas and/or unfinished areas that needed to be addressed. Technically, the contract was breached. Schallus Construction did not care once they got their money about correcting the problems. It is too bad that after going through this unpleasant situation, that I read a review by a reviewer on another site that experienced the same problems.

I would have never hired this company had I known. Texting, emails, voicemails, and letters have gone ignored. Unfortunately, another contractor has to be hired to fix the work. If you want a job well done and a company that follows up on their work and cares, do not use Schallus Construction and Michael Einwechter. Cost: $10,000

It took several calls to get a return call. When he did show up, he was professional and friendly, and promised an estimate in the next day or so. I did not hear from him again for quite a while….I called once or twice, then sent an email telling him I was about to choose a company if he still wanted to bid on the job. He explained that he had gone through some changes in his company, and that is why he never got back to me.

Einwechter’s ‘Ventnor Tourism’ lasted only 2 years and is no longer in business. It was not sanctioned by the City of Ventnor, but many local business operators were under the impression that ‘Ventnor Tourism’ might be an official organization for the City. Einwechter’s verbal sales pitch to small business operators in Ventnor made it sound that way.

Summer 2016: Einwechter is alleged to have co-mingled various equipment between VentnorTourism.org and his job at a local coffee operation.

Reportedly stolen stage-lighting at the library beach concert area may have compelled Mr Einwechter to mis-appropriate funds to purchase new lighting, some of which may have been used for his coffee house projects.

A ‘drone’ was also purchased under the auspices of Ventnor Tourism & Einwechter, but may not have been properly accounted for under the Ventnor Tourism org.

Spring 2017: Ventnor merchants were made aware of planned ‘Street Fairs’ produced by Einwechter. This caused an immediate outcry from one particular small business that operates in Ventnor’s Northbeach section. The owner of this business openly shared her anger with neighbors over financial issues regarding Einwechter & his Schallus Construction. Business owner’s home construction project was disrupted due to Einwechter/Schallus taking large deposit, and not delivering goods or work.

Here’s example of Michael Einwechter of Ventnor when he bilked club members of $2,000.


All American Muscle Car Association
216 North Dorset Ave
Ventnor, NJ 08406
Mike Einwechter

Dave Kerbeck and Michael Einwechter worked on some joint corvette event together. I think many people including the Police are now looking for Michael. I understand fraud charges have been filed.

I can appreciate that there is a good deal of frustration with Complete Dreams and accident prone Michael Einwechter. He signed on as a Forum vendor and offered a lot of products that Forum members were interested in.

According to what I’ve read on the Forum, the problem became that he was charging customers’ credit cards when orders came in and then not shipping the orders. When refunds were requested, customers were told the credit card refunds had been issued and were being processed.

When that credit card refund process seemed to be a diversionary tactic, rather than reality, The Forum tried intervening on behalf of Forum members. During that process, it became apparent the refunds weren’t coming and, yet, Complete Dreams was continuing to use the Forum to generate new orders.

At that juncture, the Forum removed Complete Dreams as a supporting vendor and banned Michael’s access to the Forum to prevent any further marketing and promotion of goods that Forum members might order and risk not getting.

Here’s a copy of our exchange:

—–Original Message—–
From: jdwillis@bellsouth.net
To: xcompletedreamsx@aol.com
Cc: troy@corvetteforum.com
Sent: Sat, 1 Oct 2005 5:19:24 -0400
Subject: Use of Corvetteforum.com

I asked Shanman14 to remove the Complete Dreams rotating banner, button ad and vendor page text description and I see he now has completed that task.

You have unresolved complaints from your customers — Corvetteforum.com members. You have taken their money, failed to give them the items they ordered and, to this point, given them a runaround on refunding their payments.

Further, you owe the Forum for monthly fees you agreed to pay as a supporting vendor and have failed to pay. In the process you have hurt people who couldn’t afford the loss, you have undermined your own credibility and you have made it more difficult for other small vendors to be trusted at Corvetteforum.com.

I hope you’ll work to redeem yourself by making your customers whole. In the meanwhile, I’ve removed your access to Corvetteforum.com.

Jim Willis

At the time, there were probably four or five active threads bashing Michael/Complete Dreams for his failure to deliver goods that had been paid for.

I did a search of active and archived threads related to Complete Dreams a few minutes ago and got hits for 11 threads in C6 General, 12 in C6 Parts and 25 in C5 General. Nine of those were posted during the past couple of weeks. Most of those threads included duplicated information from previously posted threads.

I continue to offer suggestions via PMs and e-mail to individuals who have lost money to Complete Dreams.

Continuing to post duplicated information about Complete Dreams seems to accomplish nothing other than to frustrate moderators and remind everybody that nothing has changed.

Forum rules/guidelines cover how unresolved disputes should be handled: http://forums.corvetteforum.com/show…1&forum_id=109

Originally Posted by dimavette

Hi – I thought this would be good to post in the closed Complete Dreams thread as it may help some people resolve their issues:

I ordered an item from Michael at Complete Dreams and he gave me the run-around for about a month. First he said he forgot to place the order, then he said he was going out of business but would refund my money, then he indicated that he had a similar item “in stock” that he could send me as a replacement. Finally, after he didn’t refund my money or send me the replacement item, I put in a dispute through PayPal (that’s the method I used for payment). The dispute was resolved in less than a week and I received a full refund.

Although Michael seemed like a “nice” guy through his e-mails and always responded promptly, there were many inconsistencies and contradictions throughout his communications which led me to believe he was not planning on refunding my money voluntarily.

I would urge all others that are going through any communications with Michael Einwechter to simply submit a dispute through PayPal or through your credit card company. The dispute will likely be resolved in your favor and you won’t have to deal with the frustration.
First of all, I hope you’ll resist the easy opportunity to say, “I told you so!” As has been reported here, Michael Einwechter at Complete Dreams in Ventnor finally came out and said that the Z51 emblems many of us here (including me) have been waiting for since August will not be produced.

He went on to say that he would be e-mailing those who have pre-paid for the emblems with info on how and when we’d be getting our money refunded; on or about December 2nd, he said we’d get that info “in a week or so”. Well, that week has come and gone with no answers.

I’ve sent Michael several e-mails since December 9th insisting that he refund me the $65 I paid for 4 of the ill-fated emblems. Those e-mails have gone unanswered.

A few minutes ago I tried to access his forum in order to send him yet another PM on the matter. The account has been suspended with an on-screen meesage to “Please contact the
billing department as soon as possible.”

I’ve got to admit that up until now I took Michael to be a man of his word; I honestly believed that he would either deliver the merchandise or give us refunds. I’m now convinced that I was wrong.

Let’s face it – if he can’t come up with the $2000 or so that it would take to make everyone here whole, he’s got financial problems that are much bigger than the individual losses those of us who he bilked will have to endure. Still, it looks like we’re screwed.

Anyone else here have any thoughts or further info to share?


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  1. My husband and I recently have had dealings with Michael Einwechter that summed up to what everyone else has experienced. Unfortunately, I did not do my due deligence, shame on me, and we wound up getting scammed out of a nice amount of money. I have obviously now been well informed about how corrupt he is! And today, his phone number is out of service.
    Any recourse at this moment I feel is probably moot- please let me know if and I how I may be able to persue him.

    1. Hi Fay. I’m really sorry to hear about your dealings with Michael. Thank you for sharing your story. He recently posted an ad on Facebook for shed construction. I was very close to hiring him.

  2. He is on FB and I sent him a message how did he get out of the fraud charges for taking the money from that benefit he had for Puerto Rico he told me he was found not guilty and case wad dismissed in Sept 2018 does anyone know anything about this?

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