More Upgrades for Margate’s Lucy The Elephant Park

Lucy the elephant margate gift shop
Proposed Lucy the Elephant Park

Margate Commissioners have approved initial plans to demolish the current Lucy the Elephant gift shop building.

A new, 2 story structure would be built in its place at a much higher flood elevation, 6.5 feet above grade to comply with FEMA flood rules.

Larger retail space, storage, second floor meeting room and restrooms.

‘The snack bar no longer generates revenue like it once did’. Dune system blocked visibility and access to snack bar from beach.

Snack bar to be demolished.

In place of a snack bar, a food truck will be set up next to Lucy and the proposed small boardwalk.

Property must be Americans with Disabilities Act compliant. Elevator, and a handicapped accessible ramp.

Design of the gift shop building will be very challenging. Not much space to work with. Building can’t overpower Lucy or the site.

Design has undergone several iterations. Could change again if not acceptable with historical orgs and NJ Green Acres org.

lucy the elephant

Lucy Director Rich Helfant said project will be funded with an endowment from supporters, grants from Historic Trust, other agencies, and Margate City taxpayers.

Margate Commissioner Maury Blumberg is fearful of complaints from area residents. Especially from the condo right next door.

Lucy Director Rich Helfant hopes there are no complaints. ‘Once plans are finalized, we’ll share what we’re doing with the condo association next door. We want to be good neighbors.’

lucy the elephant margate

A required public hearing may be held in February.

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7 thoughts on “More Upgrades for Margate’s Lucy The Elephant Park”

  1. I am happy to read of Mr. Blumberg’s concern about complaints from neighbors of Lucy.

    Too bad he never thought about the neighbors on streets where houses were being built that were overwhelming and eclipsed other resident’s properties.

    1. I love when people complain about the new large houses being built especially as they pine for the nostalgia of yesteryear. It completely ignores the reality of tax bases, dramatically rising cost of services and the need to balance the two. Want huge tax increases and reduced city services? Restrict development, and then whine about endlessly about your taxes.

  2. Yes, It is sad and true. How would he like to have a house across the street from
    the new LAMBERTI’S? Talk about overwhelming and view obstruction!!!!

  3. Besides for the out-of-place little Christmas trees, it looks beautiful. It’s modern, clean and a long overdue makeover of that section. However, good luck running this pass the immediate condo complexes. Margate will either just completely override those owners or this idea is a bust.

  4. Views of nature are not owned by anyone. They are the work of nature. Also, the view is not the problem. That building does not fit into the ambience of Amherst Avenue. It looks out of place from every angle. That should be a concern of all. What is coming next?

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