Multiple Margate Homes Damaged From City Project

Margate Engineer Ed Dennis said several homes have been damaged from a city project. Construction was forced to stop for a while. Listen >


Dennis said the project scope has been modified to prevent further damage. Drainage improvements are still being made. September is the final paving timeframe for this particular Amherst Ave. project.

Public comment: The project has been a mess. We’re gonna be flooded worse than before.

Fears that more water comes toward properties. Not enough drains? Only 4 working drains in this area of concern.

If my property is damaged. I’m gonna hold the city liable.

Margate Commissioner John Amadeo very concerned about depth issues. Will we encounter further problems?

Ed Dennis: Unfortunate experience.

2 thoughts on “Multiple Margate Homes Damaged From City Project”

  1. That’s what you get when you keep electing the same three deceptive thieves for years! Amodeo is only concerned if it effects him personally. Wake up, Margate residents! Get some new blood in City Hall with leaders who actually care about the City and the citizens and have their best interest at heart.

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