Murphy & Wind Companies Ignore US NAVY Report; Sonar Can Kill Whales

In 2002, the US Navy admitted that their ship-based sonar killed at least 6 whales. They linked sonar sound to the stranding of whales.

NJ Governor Phil Murphy apparently un-moved by the US NAVY report. State officials want Murphy to stop all wind turbine research until they can determine what’s killing the whales. Ten dead so far in past 60 days.

Nothing can stand in the way of Murphy’s experimental, off-shore wind farm. It’s a top priority for Gov Murphy. Would look good on his resume, too.

There are only 450 North Atlantic right whales remaining on earth.

From When naval ships use sonar, many whale species flee for their lives; some even strand themselves on beaches in desperate attempt to escape. Scientists discovered most likely reason: Loud sounds trigger same fear response as when they hear warnings about their most terrifying predator: the killer whale.

Seismic exploration involves use of high-powered air guns that blast compressed air about every 12 seconds for weeks to months at a time. Not only does the intense pounding mask whale calls over vast stretches of ocean, it causes commercial species of fish to scatter, leading fisherman all over the world to seek compensation for their losses.

Senator Vince Polistina and Jeff Van Drew now sounding the alarm over the unprecedented number of whales washing up on the beaches of Brigantine, Atlantic City, and other coastal towns. At least 10 dead whales so far in the past few weeks.

NRDC, Natural Resources Defense Council, has worked to mitigate impacts from high-intensity naval sonar, which has been linked to mass whale standings and deaths around the world.

Learn more. NRDC.

In 2015, a federal court ruled to stop navy sonar training off the coasts of southern California and Hawaii, important habitat for whales as well as dolphins.

In September of 2015, the US Navy stopped the use of sonar and explosives there.

A humpback whale mother and calf
A humpback whale mother and calf. Barb Malc/iStock

For decades, marine mammal scientists suspected sonar pings produced by military ships may have played a role in unusual strandings of whales that feed deep in the ocean.

Researchers discovered beached whales shortly after nearby military sonar exercises.

While researchers could not pinpoint exactly how sound energy injured whales’ ears or tissues, the acoustic assault appears to have left some dazed and confused, causing them to swim ashore or become vulnerable to shark attack.

Van Drew & Polistina: Wind Companies Could Be Killing Whales.

Polistina and Van Drew: We should suspend all work related to offshore wind development until we can determine the cause of death of these whales, some of which are endangered. The work related to offshore wind projects is the primary difference in our waters, and it’s hard to believe that the death of six whales on our beaches is just a coincidence.

When naval ships and other sea vessels use sonar, many whale species flee for their lives; some even strand themselves on beaches in a desperate attempt to escape. Now, scientists have discovered the most likely reason: The loud sounds trigger the same fear response as when the animals hear calls emitted by one of their most terrifying predators: killer whales.

So far, little comment from Sustainable Downbeach or other Wildlife orgs

Manmade noises drown out sounds that whales and other marine mammals rely on for life’s most basic functions—from navigating to mating.

Wind Companies Bought Early Support.

Plenty of financial gifts, jobs and promises doled out by ORSTED and other foreign wind companies over past few years. Many key influencers were first in line to received grants, cash and other benefits in exchange for support of wind turbines.

Won’t hear much questioning from orgs like Stockton University. Even towns like Margate and Ventnor took WIND money. News outlets ran plenty of paid commercials & stories extolling green benefits of offshore wind turbines. News orgs doing their best to squash questions. Does wind turbine research harm or kill whales? Sonar sounds disorient, confuse and scare the whales. Irrational fear could put whales in harms way. The path of an oncoming ship.


14 thoughts on “Murphy & Wind Companies Ignore US NAVY Report; Sonar Can Kill Whales”

  1. All sonars are not the same, and the high-intensity sonar that was the subject of the US Navy report was far more powerful than the ones used to map the seafloor. They’re also not the same as seismic imaging.

    1. Then what’s killing the wales and why is it coinciding with the current sonar being utilized…? Coincidental…?

      1. Vessel strikes. There are far more large container ships in more channels than there have ever been before.

        1. I work for a marine terminal. The number of vessels coming in are at all time low. You can look up the numbers at the port authority of NY/NJ. It could be some other cause than vessel strikes and the wind farm project but between the 2, vessel strikes is less likely.

  2. You people out there horrified?
    You voted for Murphy.
    You reap what sow. You made bad bets and all of us are losing our ocean – its views – it marine life and very very soon? YOUR HEALTH AND REAL ESTATE VALUES WILL COLLAPSE – once these Wind Turbines are in place off of Margate and Longport.

  3. I am still trying to figure out how “sonar from wind farms” will cause whales to beach when said wind farms have not been built yet. Along the northeastern coast of the US, there are just two wind farms operating, one off the Virginia coast and one near Block Island. Both are too far away to impact marine life off the NJ coast. And I have yet to see if sonar will be used by these wind farms, since the only report of sonar use is from Germany, which requires sonar transponders to prevent submarine collisions. But a “sonar transponder” is a device that only responds when it receives a signal, it is not continually broadcasting, so the impact on marine life is minimal.
    Sounds like just another low-IQ-anon chemtrails hoax, since nonexistent sonar from wind turbines that haven’t been built yet is pretty harmless.

    1. My opinion is, the sonar being used, disrupts the sonar the whales naturally have. Once the whale gets blasted with sonar, the internal navigation system becomes disrupted and the whale become “ blind” ( for lack of a better word) . This causes the whale to become disoriented and becomes a victim of being hit by ships. I have no scientific data to back it up but it makes sense…..

    2. Leading theory: Survey sonar effectively damages whale sonar and leaves it relatively blind.

      Cant find food. Cant communicate. Can’t avoid boats and props.

    3. Right now, they are mapping the seafloor for the project and the equipment being used for this mapping is causing great harm to the whales. These whales did not start showing up on the beach dead until after they started this project. So if this is the result of just mapping the seafloor for the windfarm, how much harm will be done when the wind farm is installed and running? If we don’t have the data to know how badly this will affect the marine life, then we should stop the project until we can collect the data because losing our endangered whales is not worth the price of this project.

  4. Wind turbines are giant, stupid, dangerous bird slaughtering, whale killing, oil- leaking wastes of money in most parts of the world, at least at this stage of development. Perhaps that changes down the road, but for now, coal- powered energy is king, -no matter how much progressive left climate warriors hate this fact.

    Our President Biden isn’t the only world leader running our country into a dangerous energy crisis for millions who will soon face a brutal winter.

    The energy crisis is global. Germany made headlines as German coal mine Garzweiler, operated by energy company RWE, announced that it had already demolished several wind turbines at a nearby wind farm, – the remaining five turbines will be dismantled by the end of 2023, said a spokesman for the company that builds and runs the wind farm.

    The report detailed specifics regarding expanding coal mining operations: The expansion comes in tandem with a plan to temporarily return three of RWE’s lignite- fired coal units to the market, a decision that was approved by Germany’s cabinet. “Three lignite units each have a capacity of 300 megawatts (MW). With their deployment , they contribute to strengthening the SECURITY of supply in Germany during the energy crisis and to saving natural gas in electricity generation” RWE said in September.

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