Needed: Turtle Road Patrols and Citizen Scientists

The Margate Terrapin Rescue Project now seeking volunteers for their daily road patrols: protecting turtle mamas as they try to cross the Downbeach Express causeway.

  • Perform daily road patrols, walking and/or driving.
  • Looking for crossing terrapins, injured terrapins and unfortunately, deceased terrapins.
  • Collecting data on any sightings (alive, deceased, injured and nesting)
  • Marking and protecting terrapin nests with predator exclusion cages  (after they have laid their eggs) 
  • Take injured terrapins to wildlife rehabilitators.
  • Take eggs from deceased terrapins to Stockton University or Wetlands Institute for incubation.

Patrols can be either morning or afternoon/evening. We encourage volunteers to go at high tide on your assigned day/timeframe when most terrapin activity occurs. Expect patrols to take anywhere from 30 mins to upwards of 2-3 hours.  

Huge shout out to EHTPD and Margate PD for keeping our volunteers safe while they worked to repair all the barriers.

The terrapins and volunteers thank you.

Looking for reliable, dedicated and passionate volunteers for Citizen Science Program. 

As citizen scientists, you’ll help in research related to the Margate Terrapin Rescue Project and other organizations that follow and use our research. Citizen scientists contribute their time/resources towards scientific research in conjunction with scientists and researchers. 

Form to sign up for the Margate Terrapin Rescue Project’s Citizen Science Patrol Program.


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