New Jersey Legalizes Recreational Use of Marijuana for Adults.

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy just signed a historic bill into law which legalizes and regulates cannabis use for adults.

“New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act” decriminalizes marijuana and hashish possession.

Warning: There are cannabis use and possession penalties for those under 21 years of age.

Legalization of adult-use cannabis in New Jersey.

Too many in jail for selling weed. Hurts their chance to get a job when they get out.

Low-level drug offenses are unjust and indefensible says Murphy. The NJ Gov says the law allows police to focus on ‘real’ public safety issues.

NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney said. “We can now move forward to correct social injustices at the same time that marijuana is made legal for adults.”

Will the new cannabis industry create real jobs and generate economic activity?

The decriminalization law is the most sweeping measure of its kind in the country. Legalizing adult-use marijuana in New Jersey opens a ‘new era of social justice.’

“Too many people have been arrested, incarcerated and left with criminal records that disrupt and even destroy their lives.

Bring marijuana out of the underground market. Controlled, regulated and taxed, just like alcohol. 

New Jersey will help the communities hurt the most by the War on Drugs.

Economic benefits of the adult-use cannabis market. The State says they will reinvest cannabis revenues into designated “impact zones” and will promote diversity and inclusion.

Business owners may have issues with employees who engage in lawful marijuana behavior.

Are the pot penalties too soft for those under 21 years old? ‘Probably’ says those within the public safety community.

Will legal weed financially help Atlantic City? We shall see. Did online gaming and sports betting help AC ? That answer, so far, is NO.


TRENTON – More than three months after New Jerseyans voted to legalize weed in the Garden State, it’s finally the law. 

NJ marijuana: NJ becomes 13th state to legalize marijuana

Here’s what you need to know, now that marijuana is finally legal in New Jersey. 

Can I smoke weed now? 

Under bill A1987, the use or possession of up to 6 ounces of marijuana is decriminalized and comes without any penalties. There are also restrictions on how police officers can stop and search anyone who may be using or consuming marijuana. 

You still can’t legally purchase marijuana in New Jersey without a medical marijuana card. Will take months before any recreational marijuana sales begin.

9 thoughts on “New Jersey Legalizes Recreational Use of Marijuana for Adults.”

  1. Another reason to move from NJ. Following an opioid epidemic we are legalizing marijuana. Car insurance goes up. More dead on the roads. Great news sample for our children. Another slush fund for the politicians.

  2. Its about time. Hey cranford P.D. now what are you going to now that you are unable to do your little B.S sting operations. May I suggest spending your time looking for real criminals.

    1. So sorry for you anonymous, who hurt you, little Snowflake? Now you’re tying marijuana to communism… how sad and pathetic that you’re so incapable of free thought and parrot what you hear others say.

  3. Shame on Governor Murphy. Regulating marijuana is a mistake you will soon regret. Its legal for adults, but how many adults allow underage use?

    My son was found dead of alcohol and drug abuse in a women’s apartment who was 40 years with her own underage children. She is convicted felon, welfare recipient and alcoholic. She showed no concern for my son. The persons responsible knew he suffered from emotional issues and preyed on that. They plied him with drugs and kept him drugged up.

    It was all funny even after he died. “the party” goes on. Every day i think about how he died alone. how if someone just did the right thing, get him help. He would be here.

    What your doing is putting money before common sense. Why don’t you worry more about protecting the police, educating them.

    We have an epidemic going. what about the people struggling? What about veteran suicides? How about the mentally ill? Yet your worried about legalizing marijuana. Think about the increase of drugged driving.

    This is going to have more parents grieving the loss of a child. It’s time for you to go (Gov Murphy).

  4. More deaths occur from alcohol consumption everyday! So stop putting down weed when your ass goes home and drinks a 6 pack or 2 or some other alcoholic beverages! Marijuana has never killed anyone!!! FACT!

  5. Legalize it already

    All these boomer comments… do a little research. It is far safer than alcohol and it will still be illegal to drive impaired. Even so, motor skills hold up far better than under alcohol. It is also better for your body than alcohol, which damages liver, kidneys, etc. if you want it illegal but are OK with legal booze you are a complete hypocrite. Only ones against this are misinformed or work for the pharma industry (or maybe cartels?)… I won’t even get into the criminal justice reform and file or the potential $ this will bring to the state.

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