New Ventnor Lifeguard HQ, Fishing Pier Upgrades, More Pickleball Courts?

Ventnor Commissioners met on December 9. Topics included a plan to build a new lifeguard headquarters on the boardwalk at Suffolk Ave.

The old HQ building had electrical problems and a leaky roof.

New structure will be two stories. Offices, first aid, lockers, rest rooms, showers, radio center and meeting / training room.

Demolition of the current Ventnor lifeguard headquarters at Suffolk Ave and the Boardwalk will start shortly.

Other issues discussed;

Where can Ventnor build more pickleball courts?

The sport is growing even faster than before, mainly due to ease of learning and play. For all age groups.

Ventnor pickleball

Ventnor DPW Chief Ed Stinson suggests converting one of the 6 tennis courts, into 4 pickleball courts.

Respecting tennis players, Commissioner Landgraf currently favors plan for weekend conversion of one tennis court, using temporary pickleball nets.

The Titus Sports Fields in Ventnor Heights, adjacent to the boathouse being discussed. Potential downside? Proximity to marshlands and greenhead flies.

New & improved ramp at Suffolk & Boardwalk now complete.

Plans moving forward on a much-requested snack bar / concession stand on the Ventnor Fishing Pier.

The ‘pier master’ office will be moved to the ‘fishing only’ gate, further out on the pier.

3 thoughts on “New Ventnor Lifeguard HQ, Fishing Pier Upgrades, More Pickleball Courts?”

  1. They spent $500k on the 1000 sq ft pier building. That’s around $500 sq ft. Luxury homes are built for half of that. Where does all of that money go? The new lifeguard hq has a construction management office trailer on site to build a 1,300 sq foot building….Hellooo. I bet they spend a million to build the new one.

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