Newport Ave: One Way to The Bay in Ventnor

Newport Ave in Ventnor will soon be one way to the bay. From Atlantic to Monmouth. Starting early May 2022.

According to VCPD Chief Joe Fussner, Newport Ave is much too narrow for two way traffic.

Ventnor Police Joe Fussner: This will be consistent with others streets in the area.

Commisioner Kriebel asked if this would be better to do after the summer. Fussner responded: By the end of April, new painted stripes will be applied to the street. Flyers for distribution have been designed and are ready to go. Work to be done April 25 through 29. Everything done by first week of May.

3 thoughts on “Newport Ave: One Way to The Bay in Ventnor”

    1. Yeah, why would Ventnor want improved safety for drivers, passengers, pedestrians and bike riders like Longport and Margate have created, huh ?

  1. Can vcpd crack down on talking on cellphones while driving. I live on n. Dorset . Seems like every other car and truck is on it . Including tractor trailers.

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