Nights in Ventnor Go Green Boat Parade

The “Nights in Ventnor, GO GREEN” committee is getting ready for the 10th annual boat parade. It’s scheduled for Saturday, August 3, 2019, starting at 5:30 p.m.

Ventnor’s back bay provides the perfect venue for both community members and visitors to enjoy a fun, spirited, enviro-friendly day at the shore.

Ventnor go green nights in venice

The Nights In Ventnor, Go Green Boat Parade is a non-fossil fuel, floating craft parade through the inland waterways of Ventnor.

Crafts consist of kayaks, rowboats, standup boards, inflatables, etc. Anything that floats and is powered by “green energy.” 

The mission is to promote an activity that’s inexpensive, family friendly, and shows off one of our greatest assets: our bay and waterways. 

Paddlers dress in costumes to promote environmental, social, or local interests. This’s also an opportunity to remind participants and spectators of the need to care for this sensitive environment. 

Here is how YOU can help the team:

  • Be a sponsor! For a $50.00 donation received by July 24th will have your name will be on all promotional information as well as on t-shirts.
  • Donate a prize for our contestants: be creative (2 for 1 items, free items or services, gift certificates) These prizes encourage creative costumes and repeat paddlers!
  • Display a Nights In Ventnor “Go Green” poster in your store.
  • Offer a discount coupon we can help design & print them. They will be given to each participant in their registration packet.
  • Enter a craft in the parade with your business name, logo, or uniform displayed.

You can mail your donations to 5300 Ventnor Ave. Ventnor, NJ 08406, or drop them off at AAAA’s Bike Shop. Please make checks payable to Nights In Ventnor.

Nights in Ventnor/Go Green

Nights in Ventnor-Go Green, 5300 Ventnor Ave Ventnor, NJ 08406


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