NJ CRDA Failed Atlantic City Residents & Small Business Owners

Watch: Where is CRDA money going?

Angry and disappointed, but not surprised. A feeling we get when contemplating the NJ CRDA, Casino Reinvestment and Development Authority.

CRDA is the New Jersey state organization that was launched back in 1984. It’s mission was to help rebuild and revitalize Atlantic City using tax revenue from the growing casino industry.

Did CRDA accomplish it’s mission? A recent CRDA report published by the Press of Atlantic City would leave you to believe that answer is NO.

How CRDA failed on affordable housing in Atlantic City

NJ Gov Phil Murphy controls direction and most actions of CRDA.

Watch: CRDA is most hated entity in Atlantic City

Healthy funding of police and public safety was not Job #1 at CRDA.

Atlantic City could use additional 75-100 police officers on the street. Crime is rising. Especially in vulnerable neighborhoods.

Concerns over shoplifting and other crime related risk are likely reasons why the AC Shop-Rite project has stalled. It’s been one year since ‘official’ ground-breaking last year.

CRDA failed to consistently attract commercial and residential real estate development to Atlantic City.

NJ Senator Vince Polistina says CRDA on financial life support. Listen to Polistina talk about CRDA:


During Spring 2020, Atlantic City’s Mayor amplified anti-police rhetoric. Marty Small stood back with Gov. Phil Murphy as hundreds looted and destroyed business within CRDA’s tourism district.

Boarded-up stores and eateries at Tanger Outlets. Questions remain as to why CRDA didn’t protect this all-important, Tourism District shopping destination.

AC Summer Riot of 2020. WATCH VIDEO >

Pandemic Paused for Protest Turned Riot. Mask mandates and social distancing requirements waived by Murphy. Governor Phil scoffed when asked about May 31, 2020 riot being ‘super-spreader’ event.

CRDA funds often bounced back to casinos, or were used for questionable projects that didn’t benefit Atlantic City residents.

Until public safety is improved, Atlantic City will languish.

Hey CRDA, fix the street lights. Dark streets invite crime. Boardwalk merchants and visitors are vulnerable as well.

Why did CRDA stop streaming their public meetings? Why no video on YouTube? What are they hiding?

Too much risk starting a business or building a vacation home in state-run Atlantic City. CRDA land-banking and zoning control not easy to deal with.

Absecon Island is home to Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate & Longport

Lance Landgraf is CRDA’s Director of Planning and Development. Landgraf is also a Ventnor City Commissioner.

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