NJ DEP Politely Pressures Margate to Pay Up for Beach Replenishment.

Both the NJ DEP & Army Corps of Engineers want more dune & beach money from Margate. What? Didn’t local officials sign a deal that keeps them off the financial hook for stuff like this?

On Oct 1, Kevin Dixon of NJ DEP, Department of Environmental Protection and Keith Watson of Army Corps of Engineers, visited the Margate Commissioners and asked for a financial contribution.

Margate Commissioner Maury Blumberg said he found out about this beach project by someone that read an online blog. Blumberg: “To my knowledge, there was no notification to Margate. None.”

Listen to DEP & ACOE address Margate Commissioners >

LISTEN: OCT 1, 2020

Dixon of DEP said: this is a standard nourishment cycle for Margate. A portion of Margate’s beach is now below the ‘design’ template. Translated: you need more sand, so pay up.

Margate’s cost share depends on sand volume pumped. Whatever is needed to fill in degraded areas of the engineered beach.

Cost share:

  • Federal government pay 65% of cost.
  • The remaining cost of 35% is split between state and municipality. (75% / 35% )

Dixon of DEP sheepishly pitching new agreement to Margate leadership. ‘DEP desires to maintain this project.’

DEP claims the Absecon Dune Project provides a high level of protection for property and infrastructure. If true, flood insurance rates would have declined by now? Back-bay surge continues to be the real problem for towns like Margate and Ventnor. Not the ocean.

See Draft Agreement Sent to Margate by NJ DEP:

Keith Watson is the ACOE, Army Corp of Engineers project manager. Watson says Margate is one of four towns involved in this Absecon Island project. It provides protection for all.

Is Watson really saying: Does Margate want to hurt neighboring towns by NOT participating?

DEP’s Dixon apologized for not sending official notification about the project to all applicable stakeholders.

DANGEROUS OUTFALL PIPE CAGE BOLTS: Watson suggests city draft ordinance saying ‘beware of structures’. City should place signage too. Watson: the Army Corp of Engineers ‘doesn’t cut bolts

Protruding bolts on wooden ‘cages’ help support outfall sewer pipes that drain contaminated storm water runoff from the beach blocks in the ocean.

Margate thought they’d never pay into that 50 year beach replenishment deal pushed by NJ Gov Christie.

The controversial dune system was something most Jersey Shore residents didn’t want. But NJ Gov. Christie had his sights set on it. A 50 year deal for dredging & pumping sand, whether needed or not. A one-size-fits-all ‘make work’ deal.

Margate and other Jersey shore towns prefer beefing up their bulkhead systems on both the front beach and back bay. Better drainage systems would help too.

Margate Solicitor, John Scott Abbott is in the legal hot seat again, with his legal acumen being challenged by NJ State DEP.

Don’t spend any taxpayer money for more sand on our Margate beaches. A new boardwalk is better use of those funds.

Matt R.

ACOE now stacking pipes on the beaches of Margate. Commissioners caught by surprise? Blumberg certainly was. Why were the commissioners kept out of the loop?

Did Mayor Becker & Solicitor Abbott properly defend Margate from future dune expenses? Work that might not be needed?

Margate taxpayers were forced to fund ADA-compliant beach access. Dunes and extra-wide beaches have made it difficult for those with walking challenges. Access to the beach and ocean were negatively/severely impacted by the man-made dune system built by ACOE, Army Corp of Engineers.

Does Margate really need more sand? The beaches are wider than ever before.

Sand is always being shifted by the currents. It often travels south from AC & Ventnor. Much of it lands on the southern portion of Absecon Island. That would be Margate and Longport.

The DEP & ACOE rep admitted they didn’t send official notification to city officials. Threat? If Margate fails to pay, the city could be in breach of contract with NJ DEP?

Margate Mayor Becker: “I thought the agreement we signed prevents us from participating in future replenishments?”

Business Admin Deaney: “You have pipes sitting on the beach and we get notification it’s starting. We haven’t even been able to talk to our community about it and now you’re coming here looking for money”.

Kevin Dixon of the NJ DEP Dept of Environmental Protection asked commissioners to pay its share of this year’s beach re-nourishment project.

Keith Watson of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers defended the project.

  • Stephen Davidson Knew this day would come. Good luck Mayor Becker. You made a deal with the devil. You’re gonna have to pay up. Better get Abbott on it. A lot of legal issues Margate will be facing.
  • Chuck Cavanaugh Apparently none of the commissioners read the agreement they signed. Neither did the city solicitor or city manager. Maybe, just maybe, they should have followed the clear direction the citizens gave them….. And our – still on the books – ordinance that proscribed them from agreeing to DUNEBOGGLE. Bottom line, they (meaning you) will pay.

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8 thoughts on “NJ DEP Politely Pressures Margate to Pay Up for Beach Replenishment.”

  1. Now there will be huge bills for margate tax payers to hire lawyers to fight paying for 50 years of sand replenishment. Do you really think the DEP is going to allow a huge BW to be pile driven on top of their complex of underground pipes?

    Speaking of a deal with the devil, DEP could use their power to allow a BW to force Margate to agree to 50 yr cost for sand replenishments and all kinds of other force upgraded costs to protect their Pipe systems. Pro BW people are walking right into their trap on the backs of ALL Margate taxpayers!

  2. This is about beach replenishment. Margate was screwed by Gov Christie and our Commissioners at the time that signed an agreement. Becker and Blumberg.

    Oh Jamie pleeeeease. You just can’t shut up about the boardwalk. Your everyday rants and posts are so annoying. Go practice law!

    You have a beach block house and your argument is a small tax equal to maybe a meal a year at a nice restaurant. That is your best argument? Then you argue that more people will walk and bike down your street. They already walk down your street to reach the beach.

    You claim crime will go up and yet you have no proof to back up that statement. FEAR. False expectations that appear to be real. Ventnor has no data to support your assertions. “

    1. Bob. This is about spending money that our town can’t afford. Enough is enough. Focus on the real needs impacting our community and stop complaining because you don’t have a beach block home and Jamie does. Child like. Move on.

  3. Margate residents get what they deserve, they voted for the corrupt 3 Amigos time and again. So stop complaining, stop blaming others, you voted for these crooks, if you don’t like it vote differently next time.

  4. I am sorry you can only make your points by resorting to personal attacks Bob. Perhaps your time would be better spent looking at the applicable law sited in the attached Margate agreement. There is so much red tape for a BW it would require teams of lawyers and expert reports to get through. Some highlights are huge safe zone restrictions under the federal wildlife Act to protect the Piper Plovers.

    Next there is NJ State laws for example “Limited, designated access ways for pedestrian and authorized motor vehicles between public streets and the beach that provide for minimum feasible interference with the beach and dune system ” “Development is prohibited on overwash areas, except for development that has no prudent or feasible alternative in an area other than an overwash area, and that will not cause significant adverse long-term impacts on the natural functioning of the beach and dune system”. “All permanent structures shall be set back a minimum of 25 feet from oceanfront shore protection structures, typically including bulkheads, revetments and seawalls and occasionally jetties and groins if constructed at inlets. Development is prohibited in erosion hazard areas. Look it up for yourself Bob so instead of personally attacking me why don’t you spend your time more productively and figure out how you will get around all of these laws t at stand in the way of a BW. This is a costly boondoggle.

  5. Jamie, “shut up man”. The boardwalk is coming and there’s nothing you can do.
    I can’t wait for President Trump to declare the boardwalk open and it will make Margate better and wealthier than its ever been.
    Margate, Already Great, Again.

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