NJ Governor Wants to Establish Council on Offshore Wind Farms

New Jersey  Wind Farms Orsted Atlantic City
Offshore Wind Farms

Just days after the Federal Government forced a delay of early offshore wind projects, NJ Governor Phil Murphy signed an Executive Order to establish a Council for the Wind Innovation and New Development (WIND) Institute.

The delay was caused by the alleged need for more impact studies. This will likely slow the progress of east coast states like NJ trying to move away from fossil fuels, and meet very ambitious, green energy targets.

Wind power delay could mean developers miss window for federal tax credits.

The Gov wants to make NJ a regional hub for the burgeoning offshore wind industry. Murphy is committed to making New Jersey a national leader in offshore wind.

“From job creation to workforce development to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, the WIND Institute and the council tasked with its development make good on our commitment to building a New Jersey economy fit for the 21st century,” said Governor Murphy.

What are disadvantages of offshore wind farms along New Jersey coast?

According to American Geo Sciences Institute:

  • Offshore wind farms can be expensive and difficult to build and maintain.
  • Wave action, and even very high winds, particularly during heavy storms or hurricanes, can damage wind turbines.
  • The production and installation of power cables under the seafloor to transmit electricity back to land can be very expensive.
  • Effects of offshore wind farms on marine animals and birds are not fully understood.
  • Offshore wind farms built within view of the coastline may be unpopular among local residents, and may affect tourism and property values.

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Copy of Executive Order #79

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