Gov Murphy Pandemic Plan: 30% of Small Business Shuttered, Half of Hospitality Jobs Gone.

New Jersey has very high vaccination rates. COVID transmission is low, and getting lower. So why not open up? It’s tough to give up all that power.

Deep, harmful impact on New Jersey’s economy.

  • 30% of NJ small businesses have failed.
  • 50% of all leisure and hospitality jobs in NJ are gone.
  • Blacks and Hispanics suffered the most. Higher unemployment rates.

New jobless claims are up 17%. Over 2 million claims have been filed since Gov. Murphy shut down the NJ economy last March.

Can’t find employees. Financial incentives to stay home. Extra-large unemployment benefits discouraging people from returning to work.

New York City will drop all pandemic restrictions on July 1. Even PA is opening up. So why not NJ?

Murphy under scrutiny for alleged mishandling of nursing homes.

New Jersey has been one of the slowest states to lift restrictions. Murphy blasted for shutting down family gatherings and killing restaurants. Political protests were still allowed with unlimited outdoor attendance.

Media orgs like newspapers and radio pundits have mainly stayed away from asking tough questions. Elected officials on both sides of the aisle have very little appetite for questioning Murphy’s Covid response.

Government-mandated, nonessential business closures and stay-at-home orders that were in effect from mid-March to mid-June 2020 in NJ.

➢ Record high unemployment rates.

➢ Small business devastated. 30% shut their doors.

➢ Pandemic had disproportional impact on workers of color.

➢ 1.9 million filed unemployment claims.

9 thoughts on “Gov Murphy Pandemic Plan: 30% of Small Business Shuttered, Half of Hospitality Jobs Gone.”

  1. Pity … what’s happened to our government…. at
    almost every level…… !!!! Rule of Law and
    Common sense have been replaced by Political
    Power and Blatant Lying …!!! The Democrats
    (in name only) have ruined our School Teachings
    and personal dignity of the struggle, to Achieve ….!!!
    Their mission is to keep everyone dependent
    upon Government (Power / Socialism)….!!!
    I think .. A train too big to stop ….Now …!!!
    enjoy ….!!!

  2. I applaud your courage in writing this article. Early this year, I read this article:
    “Johns Hopkins: COVID Has Had No Effect On US Death Rate by Michael Suede “.
    Actions speak louder than words. Obviously, senior citizens, small businesses, minority groups are all collateral damage in the agenda of the Murphy machine.

    1. Just WRONG. CDC again confirmed an excessive number of deaths this year, saying the 2020 death numbers are “without a question NOT on par with previous years,” and claims to the contrary are a misrepresentation of data. In that article, a CDC representative said the country has now seen more than 300,000 excessive deaths compared to the same period over 2019.

  3. What don’t you understand about obituaries which read, “Covid related” ?

    Watch John Grisham’s “Runaway Jury” then JUST MAYBE you’ll begin to realize the crazy degree of power plays which do go on inside organizations and foundations with ein numbers.

    Give a list of ages and underlying conditions? How many children in the CDC’s data?

    A little less then half of America are seemingly deaf, dumb and blind b/c they live within themselves taking for granted freedom’s privilege given to you by the brave. Now give me CDC data for military “Covid related” deaths.

    Take off you mask and take in some much needed h2O

    1. Facts are facts, irrespective of anyone’s political views. Add hundreds of thousands of deaths on top of average dates rates and that is still clearly more than the norm. It’s not politics, it’s simple math, despite your clear intention to make comments on any article or topic political.

      1. Where are your facts??? Do you think as a long as you use the word “fact” you’ve made your case? It is not regardless of politics. It is all politics.

        1. Well, the CDC is the source that tracks these numbers on very year, versus someone on here citing a report she thinks she remembers reading from Hopkins. And adding hundreds of thousands of deaths to one side of an equation comparing years in 2020 that are not found on the other (2019, others) is a simple mathematical fact of “more”. Not politics. Simple math and a factual source.

  4. How do you know w/out a doubt that numbers “reported” are positively the Covid? How many people may have had it and did not report it at all? There is no way those numbers are factual.. If you want to talk about age and underlying conditions let me know. Two of my family members had it. Both said it was just the worst flu they ever had. One of them took Motrin….got better. That family member is a physician.

    1. This is simple, like you. 200,000 + people die of something, anything more than the years before. That’s still MORE than the year before, whatever the cause or causes. You don’t seeming willing to acknowledge that simple mathematics. You’re certainly allowed that right. You’re just wrong.

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