NJ Public School Gender & Sexual Orientation Mandate, K thru 3rd Grade.

NJ gender and sex orientation classes for kindergarten thru 3rd grade. Phil Murphy. Marty Small

Starting this fall, 6 and 7 year old children that attend NJ public schools will be taught lessons related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

The controversial new curriculum will be mandated for students in kindergarten thru 3rd grade.

Parents are pushing back. So are NJ Congressmen and Senators.

Listen to Anne Baker on WOND Radio. Anne tackles topics of:

  • School curriculum transparency
  • Lack of streaming video of school board meetings
  • Why Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman supported LaQuetta Small for Atlantic City School District Superintendant.


April, 13, 2022

NJ state sex education guidelines take effect Sept. 2022.

NJ Congressman Jeff Van Drew: parents “deserve to have a say in what their children learn in school”.

Jeff Van Drew Gender Identity NJ Education
NJ Congressman Jeff Van Drew

Instead of teaching our second graders about math, science, and reading, Governor Murphy is threatening the safety and security of our school children.

Congressman Jeff Van Drew

Van Drew is drafting federal legislation that will require schools to tell parents if their children are being taught about gender identity and sexual orientation. “These children are young,” Van Drew said. “They are concerned with improving their reading and writing. Not learning about gender identity and sexual orientation.”

“We shouldn’t compromise the safety of our young children by allowing a child to use any restroom or changing room regardless of their actual gender,” Van Drew said.

Senator Testa Schools
NJ Senator Michael Testa

New Jersey Senator Michael Testa believes sex education lesson plans for six and seven-year-olds is abuse. ‘Our elementary school children, who have already fallen behind thanks to Gov Murphy’s lockdowns, are learning about genitalia and gender identity? It’s abuse, plain and simple.’

Margate Parents Surprised to Learn What’s Being Taught to 3rd Grade Students:


Parents Should Be Ultimate Authority on Their Children’s Education

NJ Senator Ed Durr: “The new curriculum being foisted on us by the Murphy Administration is not only absurd and unnecessary, but it is incredibly insulting to every parent in the state.”

Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman Supports Dysfunctional Atlantic City School Board.

Did Ventnor Mayor Beth Holtzman Read FBI Investigation Documents and Porzio Report?

They’re coming for your children. Watch video.


15 thoughts on “NJ Public School Gender & Sexual Orientation Mandate, K thru 3rd Grade.”

  1. Elected officials OK with pushing graphic sex and transgender talk to very young students? Kindergarten and 1st grade too young for this stuff!!!

  2. Children that young do NOT need sex education. Let them be kids! This WOKE agenda is trying their best to ruin carefree, innocent children. Parents speak up and STOP this a.s.a.p.

  3. Ventnor parent

    This woke agenda is turning our country into lunacy. Children need to be children in their world of play and imagination at young ages. Let them take out their transformers or their magic markers ! Let teachers stick to academic subjects and let parents teach their children about sexual education when they are comfortable.. Doesn’t that make sense? Wake up and have the courage to speak up against woke ideology.

  4. Parents need to protest! Keep your child home until this horrible curriculum goes away. What are these adults thinking? Who decided on this curriculum? It’s like grooming! Scary!

  5. This all just makes me sick in my stomach. I would have never imagined this would get this far. What is wrong with people anymore? How could this possibly be right. This has no place in school at this age… this is a parents responsibility.

  6. Why must a majority of 340 million people have to submit to such a minutely small minority of transgenders? We have to teach our small children as young as 5 yrs. Old about changing their sex? That is the parents responsibility not the Government’s.

  7. Margate Charlie

    The grooming starts with our kids when we send them to college. That is where these future teachers and school board members learn that they are more important to our kids that we as parents are.
    The fact that a lot of these school boards are teaching our kids to keep secrets from us parents is another problem that needs to be addressed.

    Get involved, go to the school board meetings, voice your opinions.

    1. Parents have every right to know what is being taught to their children. 3rd graders are watching videos about female and male body changes that include nude photos. Is this not pornography? It’s disgusting and all who back up this behavior in schools will learn a hard lesson.

      Parents pay the taxes that keep the schools open.

      I thought I would never say this, but homeschool your children and this will go away because there will be no kids for them to groom.

      Wake up America. The new school curriculum is going to destroy our children’s future. This country is going to hell in a hand bag. The rest of the world thinks we are a joke. Sad days coming.

      Keep your kids close and fight for what is right for them and what they are learning in school.

  8. This is abuse. kids don’t know who they are and teaching them this is soo messed up.

    they learn who they are as they get older. they learn what they like what they don’t the older they get.

    they need to learn things on there own but they should never teach this to anyone under 5th grade.

    if a kid has questions they could ask there parents or a teacher. but this is not right to put on children.

    I don’t want to have kids if my child have to learn this

    You should be ashamed that you are teaching kids this

  9. This is child abuse and shame on the Governor to pass this bill. Children are innocent and should learn reading & writing & all the other academic subjects that kids are taught when they are kids. Teaching this is immoral & sick & twisted

  10. When my children were school age I got involved in as much as I could. Home and school association, went to school board meetings and even some city hall involvement that had to do with our children. We certainly didn’t have this outrageous experience but with enough parents and calm voices we got things done. The parents Today need to make it a priority to give up some nights at home and let your faces be seen and your voices heard. These children are our tomorrow leaders. Speak up and don’t stop until the school curriculum and parental rights are back in the parents hands. Our money pays for this so use your voice to spend the money wisely.

  11. Be the change you want. I lost a perfect father-daughter relationship to this spectrum of nonsense.

    I am ready to challenge and to bring change. All parents need to unite! 609 553 9394

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