NJ Public Schools Face Harsh Penalties for Sex Education Non-Compliance.


NJ public school districts have been warned. Don’t comply with new SEX ED standards, and you could lose local control. You could also could face monitoring by the state, loss of position and, in extreme cases, loss of state aid.

That’s according to NJ 101.5 Radio.

Parents have pushed back against Murphy’s new standards of teaching mature sex topics to young students, some adult topics starting in 3rd grade.

Gov. Phil Murphy and the NJ Department of Education have warned districts that are not in compliance. They will be penalized for not following new rules. “The severity of the ramifications could vary.”

The Murphy administration has even threatened to haul towns into court.

Parent’s rights being trampled by NJ Teacher Unions and Gov Murphy’s anti-family mandates.

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LGBTQIA+, BLM and DEI activists starting to control local school boards. Traditional family values being forced out. Skin color and sexual orientation more important than hard work, merit and character.

South Jersey Parents Coalition

The growing problem with New Jersey Public Schools.

The pandemic highlighted problems of failed virtual learning but also politicization of masking and vaccines. Then came mandates for New Jersey schools regarding teaching LGBTQ issues and more of education was politicized. Some teachers being regarded more and more by parents as the enemy.

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7 thoughts on “NJ Public Schools Face Harsh Penalties for Sex Education Non-Compliance.”

  1. The state had no right to impose standards to educate young children younger than 16 regarding sex education. That is the right of the parents.

    I have no issue race/religion or the color of the rainbow someone belongs to. It’s their choice. I may not agree with it, but it doesn’t affect me.

    The teacher unions who support this, are so far left, that they cater to less than 2% of the population. Again, you do you, but when you mess with children, that’s a problem.

    Vote for a change.

  2. I don’t know any of you well enough to accuse you personally of racism, BUT do you know how racist this shit sounds?

    1. This response is so watered down. Some how anyone who disagrees on any issues is labeled a racist and it’s predict ridiculous.

      How is this topic pertaining to sexual education have to do with racism? Keep on calling everyone a racist that you disagree with is watering down what the term racist even is.

      Eventually this will lead to the old story of the boy who cried wolf. Stop with the accusations of labeling someone a racist because of simple fundamental disagreement of opinions. You do a disservice to all of those whom do suffer from racism in this country.

  3. Murphy is a lame duck Governor and doesn’t care what anyone thinks because he won’t be up for re-election.

    He is destroying so much in this state: education, our ocean, deaths of whales and other sea life, extremely high taxes, increases in tolls, and towns not having law and order due to his juvenile policies which the youth know exists and exploits!

    The exodus from NJ will be just as profound as California and actually almost is now! God help us.

  4. I have many friends that are Black, Asian, Spanish, and White. Some of their children go to public schools and others private. However, they all agree that the basics (reading, writing, math, science) and kids just having fun are important.

    This stuff being pushed on kids no matter you political affiliation is sick, inappropriate, and downright against parents’ rights to decide. It’s not racist, sexist, or any other ‘ist, but just common sense that the majority believe in.

    Sadly, those parents stuck in the public school system are stuck with limited options (charters, private), which many cannot afford or due to logistical constraints.

    Those parents that take their kids to disgusting drag shows are also sick. However, they chose to do so not forced on them by the state. That’s the difference–> choice. If you don’t have kids then you don’t make such a choice for those who do.

    In the end, you vote on what is most important. Our kids are vote that vote above all else. Make a difference. Your choice. Your vote.

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