NJ Recreational Legal Weed Sales Start April 21

Adults 18+ will soon be able to buy legal, recreational cannabis at a small group of ‘dispensaries’ starting April 21.

Six medical-marijuana dispensaries won final approval to open from New Jersey’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission.

For now, the closest place to purchase legal marijuana will be The Botanist, in Egg Harbor Township, NJ · (609) 277-7547.

NOTE: May not be able to use credit cards. Better bet: Use a debit card or cash to purchase marijuana. Debit card transactions are recommended for now. Some locations may have in-store ATMs.

New Jersey is the second state on the East Coast to begin adult-use sales. See NYT.

Legal weed sales in NJ begin April 21.

  • Cannabis is not legal at the federal level.
  • NJ is one of 18 states that legalized use for adults 21+.
  • 37 states allow medical use of marijuana.
  • Stores can sell up to 1 ounce of cannabis per customer.
  • Individual adults 18+ may legally possess up to 6 ounces.
  • Adults 21+ can use cannabis on private property.
  • Landlords can limit use of cannabis on property.
  • Employers can set drug-free workplace rules.

According to NYT, the state of NJ has received more than 320 applications from start-up businesses hoping to open recreational cannabis retail shops throughout New Jersey.

New Jersey voters approved a referendum legalizing marijuana in November 2020.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive component of cannabis and can be used by smoking, vaporizing, or within food.

Cannabis, also known as marijuana and pot, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant. Native to Central and South Asia, the cannabis plant has been used as a drug for both recreational and entheogenic purposes and in various traditional medicines for centuries.

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