NJ Senator Polistina Wants State Take-over of Atlantic City Schools

NJ Senator Vince Polistina reminded Atlantic County Commissioners that the Atlantic City school district is the biggest taxpayer burden. The AC Board of Education has a larger budget than the city itself.

Polistina: If you want to stabilize the city, how can you not have oversight of the school board? That’s just one reason why Polistina introduced a NJ Senate bill pushing for a state take-over of ACBOE.

AC Board of Education needs to have state oversight. Just like the city.


NY gaming is on the horizon. Only 3 or 4 yrs til gaming is approved in that state. We must work together. AC already impacted by PA. gaming. North Jersey Meadowlands and Manhatten are next.

Stockton boathouse scandal. Marty & LaQuetta Small, as well as AC School Board President Shay Steele not telling the truth.

Commissioner Ernest Coursey is Chief of Staff for AC Mayor Marty Small. Coursey is married to a NJ Board of Education official.

As a sending district, Ventnor sends $4 million per year to ACBOE.

AC still suffers from dark streets, lack of lighting. Roads are insanely bad. Dramatic increase of crime. A dangerous school system.

BREAKING AC: Mayor Marty Small said the controversy was created by “an irrelevant idiot morning talk show host, Harry Hurley, who’s wrong alleging that Stockton was kicked out ‘unceremoniously,’ when even Stockton says they tried.”

Radio Host debunks Marty and Laquetta Small Statements.

Harry Hurley WPG Radio: Our breaking news report unambiguously confirmed that the Atlantic City Public Schools sent word to Stockton University that they no longer can use the Atlantic City Boathouse. Both Marty and La’Quetta Small have publicly stated that this is false. We can readily prove that it is true. Because the veracity of our reporting is being brought into question by the Smalls, we are publishing the letter, which will end – once and for all – any dispute about this matter:

Read More: Atlantic City Officials Are Telling Untruths About Stockton | https://wpgtalkradio.com/atlantic-city-officials-are-telling-untruths-about-stockton-university/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

Atlantic City School District now has a budget of over $224 million. That’s greater than the budget of Atlantic City.

Even with shrinking student attendance, the Atlantic City School district still has a bloated administrative staff.

Sending districts are Ventnor, Margate, and Brigantine. Longport is a sending district to the Ocean City Public School district.

Violence is growing. Brutal student fights and assaults on teachers are common. Many incidents are caught on camera and posted online.

AC has a chronic absenteeism rate. 40% of students have attendance issues.

Low test scores. Less than 25% of ACHS students can pass a simple math or english test.

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1 thought on “NJ Senator Polistina Wants State Take-over of Atlantic City Schools”

  1. I agree with the Senator. A thorough investigation into the practices and the entire school board is needed, but I do not trust the state to do so.

    If possible, an outside authority should do the investigation.

    I think the entire administration and school board are protected by Gov. Murphy.

    The mayor seems to be certain that Murphy will not cross him or allow the board to be investigated.

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