NJ State Senator Polistina Blasts CRDA For Not Helping Atlantic City

‘CRDA made too many mistakes, too many times. We need something new’, said NJ Senator Vince Polistina during a WOND radio interview on Sept 6.

Too many negative connotations with CRDA. It’s not working.

Why did CRDA stop streaming their public meetings? Why no video on YouTube? What are they hiding?

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There are problems with CRDA, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Too much money being spent outside the city.

NJ Senator Vince Polistina

Atlantic City could use another 100 officers. We need more cops. Good thing we have a new, independent prosecutor by the name of Will Reynolds.

Polistina: The casinos need to step up and get involved. They’ve been talking about street lighting for years. Brighter streets would repel crime.

The proposed ShopRite supermarket bankrolled by CRDA stalled again even after a ribbon cutting with NJ Gov Murphy on October 19, 2021.

CRDA, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority‚Äôs Board of Directors, most of whom don’t live in AC, approved $18.5 million in funding for the project.

The ShopRite parent company, Village Supermarkets LLC, was to lease the building from CRDA. If supermarket failed, CRDA and taxpayers would be stuck with an empty, $18.5mil shell of a building.

Long Awaited CRDA Audit Released. Findings Much Worse Than Predicted.

Atlantic City riots of Summer 2020 accelerated the challenges of local retail.

Still feeling affects of negative rhetoric against public safety and Mayor Small’s push for defunding of police.

Only two CRDA board members out of 17 are from AC. Both stay quiet as outsiders grab lion’s share of casino tax dollars for union projects.

4 thoughts on “NJ State Senator Polistina Blasts CRDA For Not Helping Atlantic City”

  1. Yes recently sold a property in AC in Casino Zone. CRDA held us up for two more months. They either don’t have the staff or they just not working their files. This creates a image its hard to do business in Atlantic City.

  2. I 100 % agree with Senator Vince Polistina. Looks like money is being used for personal gains rather than for good of Atlantic City.

    Look at the streets – lighting – cleanliness – absence of patrol officers – increase in crime – school system and costs! Shameful.

    Thank you Senator Vince Polistina for your COURAGE – WISDOM – LOYALTY to ALL CITIZENS.

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