NJ Wants Suspension of Liquor Licence for Robert’s Place in Margate.

Roberts margate
Popular with locals & visitors.

Popular bar & eatery, Roberts Place in Margate is alleged to have violated COVID-19 emergency orders prohibiting on-premise consumption of food and/or alcohol.

NJ Attorney General Grewal announced that the Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) issued charges seeking to suspend the liquor license of Robert’s Place for a 10-day period.

The NJ ABC wants a 10-day license suspension for Robert’s Place in Margate.

Allegedly Robert’s Place, at 7807 Atlantic Ave. in Margate, allowed patrons and/or employees to eat and/or drink on the licensed premises.

Robert’s Place in Margate was additionally fined $750 for mask violations.

Under executive orders issued by NJ Gov. Phil Murphy, businesses licensed to sell alcohol are permitted to remain open during the COVID-19 state-of-emergency, but only for take-out or delivery services of food and alcohol.

No table or bar service is permitted, and on-premises consumption of food or alcohol is prohibited. Workers and customers are required to wear masks on the premises.

Gov Murphy recently announced that restaurants can start providing outdoor dining with social distancing, starting 6 a.m. Monday, June 15.

24 thoughts on “NJ Wants Suspension of Liquor Licence for Robert’s Place in Margate.”

    1. What a joke this state is, Maryland bars open Florida bars open and someone try’s to make a living and the fine them. Be smart when you vote in November

  1. Dianne hammond.dianne@gmail.com

    Murphy has been horrible. Let Robert’s alone! And no fine! And yes RAISE the flag????????????

  2. Please let Restaurants and Bars open now at 50% occupancy! Let people make a living. Restaurants will manage the social distancing. People will manage social distancing as well. No one wants a virus! We all want to live. Thank You.

  3. Daniel Morrison

    Let me get this straight, your allowed to protest, destroy businesses and property and you are going to fine Robert’s? Yo Murph you are loosing it !

  4. Irrational abuse of small business which is the heart and soul of the USA.I walk past Roberts many times over past weeks and watched employees scrubbing down everything, wearing mask, moving outdoor furniture around to distance etc etc .They are trying to survive so why do we hold them to a much higher standard then everyone else….one politician never adhere to??

  5. True that Florida has opened its bars and restaurants but have you see the explosion of new cases? That will happen to NJ.

    1. No one has died of a heart attack,stoke, flu, hit by a car ,fell in there house or broke there neck all have died by the China virus REALLY. Wake the F up

    2. I live in FL and have a summer place in Margate. If you knuckleheads read what is happening down here with cases skyrocketing you may change your minds, but I doubt it

  6. All businesses should sue him, especially in light of double standards. Roberts should not pay a dime. Time to take back control.

  7. Of course, there will be an explosion of new cases. The high risk people will be cautious about going out. We are building herd immunity, but is there an explosion of the death rate due to COVID-19 ? I predict not. All but the few who have died will recover, or have already recovered, making the death rate very low per capita. Open up to lower the death rates of suicide, drug overdoses, alchoholism, missed cancer diagnoses and treatments etc., etc.

  8. The law is the law and, until the restrictions are lifted, we must ALL adhere to the regulations. I don’t like it either, but it is what it is for the time being. Outside eating as of the 15th. See you all then.

  9. Remember his name in coming election day to remove him from the office. Select one who has the Republican Economic Agenda

  10. Michael murphy

    sad roberts is a great place one of the places left in margate to have a great meal and great service i applaude the guts it took to open f the state and fu… gov murphy … i glad im not realted to him..
    mabey one day i will be alowed back in to roberts…michael murphy

  11. Michael murphy

    one more thought… thomas jefferson once said”the goverment that governs the least governs the best”.
    …god bless america trump 2020 keep america grear michael murphy

  12. Bunch of greedy idiots in here thats for sure!
    Follow the f$%#@nn rules!!! Simple as that ppl act live stops bc you can’t get a fkkn drink!!

  13. I love Roberts and have been a loyal customer for 20 years……. but as I walked past last weekend, I, too was completely surprised (actually disappointed) by the lack of social distancing, the outside drinking, and not ONE mask. It was just downright irresponsible. This is not a red or blue issue. It is a human, safety issue. NJ has had one of the most difficult times in this pandemic and if the gov is being cautious and moving to Yellow with caution, then the businesses need to follow the rules. plain and simple.
    YES……….Follow the rules…….. and don’t be selfish.

  14. The governor is looking out for everyone’s health. While at the same time trying to open the economy. It’s not an easy spot to be in. It’s a fact that the virus spreads easily in restaurants where people are seated near each other for extended periods of time. I’ve lost a friend due to COVID, and had others seriously become ill. The virus is not a joke, or a political issue. We need to be safe.

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