Nutrition Counselor Gets You Ready for Downbeach Summer 2018

stacey venneman nutrition
Stacey Venneman

Gyms and health clubs are crazy busy during January. We’re pumped about goals and resolutions for the new year. Over time, we slack off. Frustration and disappointment set in. Our goals are taking too long to achieve.

Statistics show that most resolutions don’t work. Some of us need a little guidance from a personal trainer or work-out buddy. Sometimes a more aggressive wake-up call is needed: standing butt-naked in front of a full length mirror. Yikes. This one really does work.

Exercise and breaking a sweat is important, but so is nutrition. That’s where Linwood’s Stacey Venneman comes in.

Stacey Venneman specializes in weight loss, nutrition and eating disorders.

It all starts with a basic nutrition initial consultation. A complete health and recent lab work review. Next up is a full dietary analysis and a deep dive into your eating habits. Stacey then develops a starter nutrition plan, customized just for you.

  • Grocery Shopping Tour – A personal tour through your favorite food market; the identification of foods that are conducive to a client’s personal plan. An introduction to new choices and suggested recipes.
  • Pantry Clean Out & Reorganization In-home clean out and reorganization of your pantry and refrigerator. Complete and total reorganization of foods and products to make your kitchen fully functional and ready for your healthy new way of food preparation and eating. Removal of all unhealthy and poor food choices.
  • Recipe Make-Overs – A complete transformation of your family’s favorite recipes. You simply give me the recipe and Stacey will supply you with an updated, healthy version of it.
  • Meal Prep Demonstration – This can be done in your kitchen or Stacey’s. She’ll teach and assist you with recipes and food preparation, cooking lessons too.
  • Food Shopping – For those who want or need assistance, Stacey provides food shopping services. All your healthy favorites delivered to, and put away in your home.

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Stacey Venneman Background

  • Chestnut Hill College. BS Degree in Psychology
  • Villanova University. MA Degree in Addictions Counselling. Concentration in Nutrition.
  • Certifications in Sports Nutrition, Hormonal Imbalance, and Eating Disorders.
  • Private practice for over ten years.
  • Shore Medical Center
  • CHOP Pediatrics
  • Greate Bay Fitness and Cornerstone Health Club.