One Step Closer To Margate Waterpark Along Amherst Ave.

margate waterpark amherst ave

It’s official, Margate is one step closer to getting a water park along Amherst Ave. Technically, it’s a floating water park. Think blow-up slides and bouncy stuff in the back bay. 20,000 square feet of wet & wild fun just steps from Memories in Margate, and a row of waterfront town homes.

Margate Commissioners Discuss Amherst Water Park. Oct 4, 2018.

Margate zoning officer, Roger McLarnon, along with City Administrator, Richard Deaney, have met with Maggie Day and co-owners of Island Water Sports based in Stone Harbor. Maggie and her partner want to build a floating water park in Margate.

Note: much like a mini-golf course was an allowable use in the central business district, an aqua park is likely to be OK in the so-called Margate Waterfront Special District…..mainly because it’s in the water, where Margate claims they have minimal control.

Margate is one step closer to getting a water park along Amherst Ave.

Those connected to Island Water Sports, already own 2 water parcels (riparian). Reports suggest they will purchase two additional lots.

No formal Margate Aqua Park plans have been submitted or reviewed.

margate water park amherst ave
Site of Potential Margate Waterpark

Island Water Sports must get OK from NJ DEP and Margate Planning Board.

The proposed Margate aquapark could be open daily during the summer, from 9a to 6p. Blow-up rafts, slides and bouncy stuff on the water.

20,550 square feet of aqua park, adjacent to Amherst and Jefferson Ave in Margate.

The Margate Aqua Park chatter started about 2 years ago. At the same time, the value of those Amherst lots started to rise.

amherst ave margate water park

Docks, structures  and wooden piers will be replaced by floating piers.

3 thoughts on “One Step Closer To Margate Waterpark Along Amherst Ave.”

  1. theresa jennings

    no water park in margate. it will be terrible. I live on Amherst ave their have been enough parking spots removed the last thing we need is more traffic and more parking problems

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