ORSTED Offshore Wind Farm. Notice: Photos To Be Taken Along The Coast.

Architectural historians from the firm SEARCH will be completing architectural history surveys in Ventnor in the next few weeks, possibly as early as next week. This is related to the Ocean Wind offshore wind farm that is being developed 15 miles off the southern New Jersey coastline by Ørsted.

The architectural history survey work involves taking photographs of buildings built prior to 1976 that may have unobstructed views of the ocean. You will see someone taking photographs, and you may see someone taking a photo of your home.

The photographs will be taken from public rights-of-way (roadways, sidewalks, beaches, etc). Representatives from SEARCH will be identified as such and have appropriate identification.

This type of survey, as well as archaeological resource surveys, are requirements set forth by federal government, requiring an evaluation of architectural resources and to determine any potential effects of Ocean Wind on cultural resources.

This work is being conducted in all ocean-facing communities along the southern New Jersey coastline.

This is required by the National Environmental Policy Act and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Federal Offshore Wind Process.

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2 thoughts on “ORSTED Offshore Wind Farm. Notice: Photos To Be Taken Along The Coast.”

  1. Sure why not, put them everywhere. We will get used to them just like the berms and the sewer pipes. The vast majority of people on the beach wouldn’t care, only a handful of Margate purists will make a stink.

  2. The MHA, Margate Homeowners Assn. has been asked if we have a position regarding windmills that are about to be placed along our shore line.

    My understanding: Each of these windmills will be 800 feet tall and two football fields wide. 91 in total spreading across our beach sight lines.

    The construction, if placed as proposed, will greatly impact your site lines across the water.

    Another beach town pressed this organization and they agreed to move their windmills out to sea another few miles so the beach would not be impacted. Maybe we should do the same?

    The organization Orsted is stating they have held meeting to get input from the public. Personally, I was never aware that this project was moving forward and NEVER saw a notice inviting the public to their meeting.

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