Parkway North Project in Margate Gets Planning Board OK

More than just ‘new construction’, it’s a stately welcome to Margate Parkway North.

Site of a former synagogue; a 17,000 sq ft lot on Ventnor Ave, between Kenyan & Lancaster in Margate.

For over 60 years, Temple Emeth Shalom occupied this corner of Ventnor and Lancaster Avenues in Margate.

The beloved Temple sold for $1 million in 2017, contingent upon getting the property approved for three residential lots.

This land didn’t have much around it when Emeth Shalom purchased it in the 1950s.

Subdivided into three lots in 2017. Buyer combined 3 lots into one.

All 7 Margate Planning Board members voted YES on this property owner’s variance application

A unique situation: Property features 3 front yards.

How to comply with Margate’s “No Front-Yard Fencing” rules? Make your case for a variance with the Planning Board.


2 thoughts on “Parkway North Project in Margate Gets Planning Board OK”

  1. Joel Steinberg

    Thanks for keeping us informed of construction and development issues.

    It’s pleasing to be part of a community that welcomes new members.

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