PODCAST: Margate OK’s 3rd Floor Decks & Higher Elevation: Former Sea-Winds Motel

Margate Sea Winds Motel Zoning and Planning board
Former Motel at 9711 Atlantic Ave in Margate.

During the Margate Planning Board meeting of Oct 14, members unanimously voted to allow higher elevations and 3rd floor decks along Atlantic Ave.

Development plans for a property at 9711 Atlantic Ave.

Formerly, the Sea-Winds Motel. Nineteen, one-bedroom units, described as ‘dilapidated and non-FEMA compliant’.

14 of 19 units not habitable. Damaged by Hurricane Sandy and other storms.

Listen to Margate Planning Board. Oct 14, 2021.


Application for development filed by Elar Partners LLC.

Developers will build three, 4-bedroom townhomes.

Variances were needed for building height, roof pitch and multiple 3rd floor decks.

  • Property elevation will reach almost 33 ft.
  • 2.5 stories are permitted. They want 3.
  • 3rd floor decks not permitted for this property.

Base Flood Map: Elevation 13. Parking below the building. All utilities higher and FEMA compliant.

People want higher ceilings. More than 8 ft. Preferably 10 ft.

Arthur Ponzio & Chris Baylinson represented interests of Elar Partners LLC.

Land use planner, Barbara Wooley Dillon, represented opposition to the project. Dillon is also the Director of Planning & Development for Atlantic City.

They exceed stories & heights. Too much for the site at this location. No general benefit to the public.


Fast-talker, Atty Chris Baylinson, aggressively cross-examined Dillon.

Margate Planning Board Member Vote:

  • Tom Collins: YES
  • Rich Patterson: YES
  • Mike Cristaldi: YES
  • Jim Galantino: YES
  • Margaret Guber-Naulty: YES
  • Craig Palmisano: YES
  • Remy Pelosi: YES
  • Joe DiGirolamo: YES
  • Mike Richmond: YES

3 thoughts on “PODCAST: Margate OK’s 3rd Floor Decks & Higher Elevation: Former Sea-Winds Motel”

  1. Msrgate has changed so much with all the variances, increasing the height of homes etc it has changed the whole character of the town. Look at the Parkway, nothing but white homes, black windows they all look alike.
    No more charm.

    1. Dinosaurs also used to roam the Earth too. It’s not just variances, it’s new codes and flood plain requirements. And that charm comes with it smaller, older homes with lower taxes. And what do you do if you have that issue? Raise taxes a lot. The newer, larger properties have far higher values and taxes, which helps keep us from getting large increases for n existing ones. You can’t have it both ways.

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