Debut of Margate Homeowners Association

Jay Weintraub. Excited and Bullish On Margate's Future.
Jay Weintraub is Bullish On Margate’s Future.

Listen below. We spoke with Jay Weintraub of the newly formed, Margate Homeowners Association of New Jersey.

The inaugural meeting of the Margate Home Owners Association will take place on Sat., June 30 at 10:30 am, at the Ross School in Margate. 8103 Winchester Ave.

So far, board members include Linda Novelli, Gina Batellini, Marc Alch and David Grossman. Jay Weintraub is acting as chairman.

Listen To Jay Weintraub Discuss The Margate Homeowners Association:

When Jay’s not enjoying the beaches of Margate, he’s busy running a successful financial planning business, Weintraub Financial.

Jay and his lovely wife Judy have been married since 1987. In the off season, they live in Southampton, PA. Soon, they’ll retire to Margate, full-time.

They are blessed with four children, Samantha, Max, Jordan and Alex.

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  1. I encourage the Homeowners Associstion to make every effort to act in a collaborative manner with our commissioners as we presumably all have the best interests of the community as our goal. BTW, since there is only one Margate City in existence the name of the organization could be Margate City Homeowners Association. Of concern is an issue now before our zoning board of a construction company that seeks a variance to split a property at 117 N Gladstone Ave into two parcels, to put up two houses that would likely be too tall and expensive to fit in with the overall current skyline and property costs.

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