Political Figures Point Finger At Margate Dune And Beach Project

Politicians are seeing value in using the Margate dune-boggle as an effective hammer against their opponents.

Wasteful spending, insider deals, using fear to push pork-barrel projects: The Absecon Island Shore Protection Project.

Politicians running for office, as well as former political figures, are pointing fingers at those who supported the controversial Margate dune and beach project.

LISTEN: NJ Senator Colin Bell: One-size-fits-all beach solution was wrong. (Oct 25, 2017)


LISTEN: Former Margate Mayor Vaughan Reale on the Harry Hurley Radio show. (Oct 27, 2017)

Vaughan warned everyone. Very few listened. Will Margate beaches ever be voted Top 10 again?

Many seniors can’t walk to the Margate waterfront now. Many complaints are coming says Reale. Disability suits are coming. Margate once had 22 handicap beach access points, now reduced to 4… with no dune cut-throughs.

Congressman Frank LoBiondo

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