Porch Pirate Arrested in Longport

Porch Pirate Arrested in Longport 1 Porch Pirate Arrested in Longport

Longport Police nab alleged porch pirate from Atlantic City. Charges include theft, receiving stolen property and trespassing.

Fraud. According to the complaint, it appeared as though someone had opened a wireless cell phone account using the complaints address (3100 block of Pacific Ave) in an effort to obtain a new iPhone.

Longport patrol officers Quinton Wright and Joshua Sikoryak immediately began investigating the case working closely with federal carriers in an effort to expedite their investigation.

It was soon revealed that the suspect would return to the Longport address to retrieve this package; however at the time the suspect arrived and grabbed the package from the front steps, he was apprehended by Officers Wright and Sikoryak along with patrol supervisor Sgt Jamie Silva.

Longport Police

The suspect, later identified as Angel Herasme-Medina, was taken into custody and charged with theft, receiving stolen property, and trespassing. Additional charges pending further investigation.

In compliance with New Jersey bail reform, Herasme-Medina was released on a summons to appear in court at a later date.

Package thefts are becoming more common place. Be sure to alert your local police department should you suspect any suspicious activity. Doorbell cameras and other outdoor surveillance can also be registered with the police department if you choose to do so.

*All defendants are innocent until proven guilty



2 thoughts on “Porch Pirate Arrested in Longport”

  1. After he was immediately released, did the police give him a ride back to Longport so he could get back to work? Tough having his day interrupted like that. Maybe later on they could arrange counseling to address the personal discomfort inflicted on him by giving him a ticket.

  2. Given the laws – things like innocent until proven guilty, bail rules, further investigation ongoing, right to a speedy trial, etc – what exactly would you have suggested within those laws? If further crimes are commited, there would be escalating things like revocation of bail, being held in jail for trial, etc.

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