Proshot Pickleball Plans Jan 2023 Launch in EHT

Many patiently awaiting the grand opening of what we believe will be an amazing, state of the art, first-class pickleball facility. Proshot working hard with contractors to get the doors open as quickly as possible.

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: They have light! Custom lighting design from LSI Industries has been installed.

Very happy with the results.

Due to a variety of factors out of their control, Pro-Shot’s grand opening has been pushed back by about a month.

With that said, they do feel confident enough to announce a grand opening in January of 2023.

Proshot Pickleball will be open daily from 7am-9pm with extended hours on special occasions.

Yearly memberships are available starting at $299. See full detail.

Proshot Non-Members will pay a flat $12 per hour for all open plays, leagues and special events.

~The Proshot Team Dan, Dean & Andy

Not only the most advanced court surfacing technology, but the lighting will be perfect for pickleball 

Procushion made a site visit to perform an adhesion test in the new facility.

Below is photo of the patented Procushion surface being used on all 8 dedicated courts.

Procushion Surface

Legs or back sore after you play elsewhere? Try a Proshot pickleball court using patented technology that will allow for the same level of play you get on outdoor courts, but with less strain on your joints.

Painters now applying 100’s of gallons to the walls and ceilings. Transforming an old abandoned retail store into the areas finest Pickleball facility.

Proshot Pickleball is coming soon JAN 2023

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