Protect Ventnor and Margate From Over-Development

North Beach Ventnor.

I know people that live in Ocean City… love Ocean City. But, I personally don’t want to see Ventnor (where I live) or Margate, turned onto another Ocean City.

DownbeachBUZZ loves when Ventnor’s Rich Gober shares thoughtful commentary and recommendation in reference to rampant homebuilding in Ventnor and Margate.

Read excerpts from Mr. Gober:

We have master plans in our communities. Let’s stop giving variances to developers who want to build duplexes or triplexes where they’re zoned for single-family-homes only.

North Beach in Ventnor is a perfect example.

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Some 20+ years ago, Ventnor had a master plan that called for single family residences only. Yet, one (particular) developer knocked down a single family home, and got approved to build a duplex.

Ventnor Planning Board

Sure, I hear people say “there are already a ton of duplexes in NORTH BEACH now!”

Yes. That’s true. They were grandfathered in. The master plan even revisited this in the last few years. It says ‘SINGLE FAMILY’ dwellings only.

Let’s stop Ventnor and Margate Planning Boards from pandering to the “good old boys” club.

Richard Gober

There are those who, in the name of profit, are changing the charm and appearance of housing within the Downbeach communities of Ventnor and Margate.

Margate Election Collins Colmar Blumberg
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North Beach Ventnor

North Beach is a section of Ventnor that runs from Jackson Ave (Atlantic City border) to the North side of Surrey Ave, from the beach to the bay.

Why does this part of town need a different name? Ventnor has different names for different sections of the city.  There’s Ventnor Heights, Ventnor West, Ventnor Gardens and St. Leonard’s Tract. North Beach is just one of the sections of Ventnor.

NOT Separating North Beach from Ventnor

In 2001, the Ventnor City Commission approved a plan which designated this part of Ventnor as a ‘Redevelopment Zone.’ City wanted to use eminent domain laws to acquire houses and other buildings to be knocked down and replaced with new buildings. During that time, very little was put into maintaining this section of Ventnor, either by the City or some residents. Ultimately, the plan went nowhere. In 2008, Ventnor City Commissioners ruled to prohibit the use of eminent domain for private gain.

Contact the North Beach Committee.

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8 thoughts on “Protect Ventnor and Margate From Over-Development”

  1. Richard Conklin

    Thanks SO much for this article. As a resident of North Beach, I totally agree that the Planning Board is determined to turn our beautiful old Victorian town into another Ocean City.

    All about the money – knock down a grand old home and build a duplex or triplex instead – of course, all of the same cookie-cutter design. No aesthetics, no character, just bland moh-derne architecture.

    And, of course, thank you ever so much for highlighting our own little corner of Ventnor – NORTH BEACH. We love our community just the way it is.

    1. The real problem is convincing your children. It’s not the city’s fault that whenever anyone’s parents die the kids immediately sell out to a builder. Additionally, if what you can build is restricted to smaller “quaint houses”, are current property owners okay with losing a significant chunk of their value when any potential new owner is unable to build what they want. Someone has to take the hit.

      1. Richard Conklin

        The “hit” is our beautiful, quaint town. Those ugly McMansions and duplexes/triplexes going up are simply horrendous.

        1. Then if the town is being “over developed”, it seems the majority of the people do not agree with your assessment if they are selling off their properties/buying in.

  2. Long time Ventnor resident here! I love that Ventnor is stepping up it’s game but I am not happy that we keep losing our small commercial clusters. That is what makes the town walkable.

    We lost our hardware store, we lost our bank, we lost commercial Doctors offices, we lost downbeach gas stations.

    Soon we will have to get in our car and leave the island for basic needs.

    I hope the powers that be, take a long look and come up with a plan that keeps us quaint and walkable.

  3. Absecon Island use to have so many many families and was basically middle class.

    You can not blame the older children for selling their parents home for large profits, especially when many moved off of the island and moved away.

    It was these Absecon Island towns that allowed the McMansions to be built which was the mistake but It most likely will continue.

    The area basically has become nothing but second homes.

    Overall, it has lost its charm and priced many people out.

    It had a good run and good memories but times change changed…

      1. I grew up down there.

        I moved away over 25 years ago and live within a hour.

        I have family still down there and I am there often.

        I knew and know the deal down there, that is why I moved away which was one of the best moves I ever made, personally and professionally.

        The island has no soul anymore…still nice to visit but not like on the older days when people really knew each other and it was a cool place to grow up and live, etc.

        A lot of the new second home owners barely even leave their house or go to the beach.

        Life changes and one adjusts.

        At least I still have very good memories but she ain’t the same anymore…

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