Public Safety: Rebuilding a Fire-Resistant Margate Boardwalk

Margate Boardwalk Bike Safety
Safe to Ride on Streets?

Margate Public Safety Commissioner, John Amodeo, thinks a busy 4 lane street is safer than a boardwalk? Should Margatians avoid that ‘potential fire hazard’ called the Ventnor Boardwalk? Read on….

Rodger Kradel: Atlantic Ave is not a safe place to ride a bicycle. While riding on Atlantic Avenue, in the bicycle lane, I was nearly hit by the passenger-side mirror on an 18-wheeler! The wind from the 18 wheeler nearly knocked me into the parked cars beside me. I was riding back to Margate Towers from the Ventnor Boardwalk, where it’s safe to ride a bike.

Dan Sclocchini: The whole bike lane thing seems like a false sense of security.

Maureen Pody: Cars and trucks don’t always seem to obey the posted speed limit signs, on and off season. Trying to walk across Atlantic with the flashing red lights can be an Olympic sport.

Jake Jacobs: Margate residents deserve a lovely beach boardwalk promenade. Sad that Ventnor can get it together, but Margate can’t change with the times.

Debbi Lewis DiGiacomo Arnone: …and this my friends is why a boardwalk is needed! Safety should be our first priority when it comes to residents and visitors! ???? ????

Richard Gelula: Good for community health, too. We know a lot more people will feel motivated to get outside, walk, ride or run on a boardwalk with ocean views.

Glenn Klotz: A new BW would be a tremendous asset to the community, no matter what the nay-sayers say.

Margate Boardwalk Fire Hazard?

Margate Commissioners actually believe there’s strong potential for a boardwalk fire….if Margate decides to build one. That’s according to their recent, anti-boardwalk memo they hastily drew up. Hard to believe Margate Business Admin Deany and esteemed City Solicitor, John Scott Abbott came up with that nonsense.

Margate leadership not very bright. Too bad most Margate homeowners can’t vote.. and run these clowns out of office.

Margate Shoobie From Hell.

According to their memo, the 3 Amigos of Margate are gravely concerned about the lack of water sources needed to fight fires on the boardwalk. Really? They actually worry about stuff like that? Nah. They’re just fear mongering. Remember, a high IQ is not mandatory to hold office in Margate.

John Amodeo Margate
Levinson & Amodeo Enjoy

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  1. Folks, wake up. This project will not move forward until the corrupt 3 Amigos figure out how to line their pockets. The MBC should just make a “donation”. Good luck, keep up the good fight!

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