Random Downbeach News for Margate and Ventnor

Lamberti’s Bulkhead Back-Up

Seems like Lamberti’s is NOT living up to it’s agreement with City of Margate? When will they finish their portion of the Amherst Ave bulkhead?

City Solicitor, John Scott Abbott briefly discussed the issue at the recent Margate Commissioners meeting.

Parking relief on the way in Margate on Ventnor Ave.

Paid parking will soon be available at the Margate business district featuring Saltwater and Shuckers.

Paid Margate parking just steps from attractions and retail shopping.

Plenty of new construction along the Ventnor Boardwalk.

Nice to see vacant, beachfront lots in Ventnor finally being built on. More tax-ratables for the City of Ventnor. Woo-hoo.

We guess it’s true. People LOVE living along the boardwalk, beach & ocean.

The Lucy Lease

Clock is ticking for Lucy the Elephant. Will our favorite pachyderm get a new lease from the City of Margate? The current lease expires at the end of 2019.

Will City of Margate play hardball with Lucy Director, Rich Helphant and his Save Lucy Committee? Lucy is sitting on super premium Margate property. Insiders suggest the commissioners would LOVE to build a condo/hotel high-rise in that area. Would they move Lucy somewhere else? Will the infamous ‘overlay zone’ rear it’s ugly head again?

Pickle-ball courts multiplying in both Ventnor & Margate. A game that’s easier to learn and play than tennis. Like an over-sized version of ping-pong.

Sign-ups are increasing for the MHA, Margate Homeowners Association. A voice for ALL Margate residents, whether you vote here or not. Visit MargateHomeowners.com to register and learn more.

Click To Learn More https://margatehomeowners.com/

Shhh. Don’t tell anybody. But we’d love to see a boardwalk built between Fredericksburg Ave in Ventnor, and the Margate fishing pier.

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