Rebuilding Margate Boardwalk Question To Be Featured on November 3 Election Ballot

Klotz Margate Boardwalk
Klotz Loves Boardwalks.

The Margate Boardwalk Committee has achieved what once was thought impossible

On Aug. 6, Margate Commissioners passed a resolution that will place a Margate Boardwalk referendum question on the Nov 3 election ballot.

The referendum question will ask Margate voters if city officials should consider rebuilding the Boardwalk. LISTEN >

Listen > Boardwalk Committee Statement 8.6.2020

Director Glenn Klotz and the Margate Boardwalk Committee campaigned for the past 2 1/2 years to achieve this.

Margate Boardwalk Committee in Action

Mission Accomplished. Getting Boardwalk referendum question in front of Margate voters during Nov 3 general election.

Getting voter approval is the first step in long process says Klotz. It’s our sincere belief, if voters decide to go forward with the Margate Boardwalk project, it will eventually happen. 

Glenn Klotz – Margate Boardwalk Committee

Rebuilding the Margate Boardwalk in the media.

David Spatz of WOND 1400am radio spoke with Glenn Klotz on Aug 7. Listen>

LISTEN. WOND RADIO Boardwalk Talk. 8.7.20

According to the Press of Atlantic City: If voters decide to go forward with the project, the city could appropriate $285,000 for a feasibility study, according to Mayor Michael Becker.

Press of AC: Margate Commissioners passed a resolution at their Aug. 6 meeting that will place a question on whether or not to build a new beachfront Boardwalk in the city on the general election ballot on Nov. 3rd

Margate Boardwalk Facts

  • Margate Boardwalk was first built in 1907.
  • In 1944, badly damaged by a storm. At that time, boardwalk was out over the surf. Incredibly vulnerable to weather and ocean.
  • New boardwalk would be safely nestled above & behind the dunes.
  • With WWII still raging, Margate decided NOT to rebuild.
  • A new Margate Boardwalk would be a non-commercial.
  • Pavillions and Restrooms? Maybe.
  • Boardwalks are a ‘permitted use’, according to State of NJ.

Klotz: 2nd homeowners are Margate taxpayers that can’t vote, but they should be polled or surveyed.

Klotz: Approx 4,800 registered voters in Margate.

Margate would be better with a Boardwalk

Glenn Klotz.

A wonderful upgrade. A great idea for the region. Helpful in the economic recovery. A win-win for the area.

14 thoughts on “Rebuilding Margate Boardwalk Question To Be Featured on November 3 Election Ballot”

  1. Jay I Weintraub

    I am so excited to see this matter coming to a vote.
    I am fully in favor of a new boardwalk in Margate.

    I will personally vote YES!

    I believe that all Margate tax payers should also be polled to see how they feel about a boardwalk.

    Unfortunately 2nd homeowners who make up over 67% of the tax payers base can’t vote.

    Only full time registered voters can vote for or against this project in November.

    Margate officials should get the pulse of all taxpayers.

    1. Couldn’t agree more . Non residents pay a huge percentage of the taxes and we’re unable to weigh in on such a significant referendum … it’s just the way politicians like it !

  2. Why do people move to Margate if all they want is a boardwalk?? Move to Ventnor or get off your lazy backsides and walk if exercise is what you need !! This is never going to happen in Margate so move on to OC or AC!

  3. Vote Yes, the corrupt 3 Amigos and their cronies need to steal more money! This is the worst run small town not only in NJ but in the country. Services are terrible, streets are filthy, storm drains are clogged and the public employees all have a bad attitude. What a disgrace.

  4. Call me old but I prefer to leave the beach area alone. When I want a boardwalk, I will travel to AC, OC or Wildwood.
    As a college student, I remember lots of late night beach parties on weekends. With the cover of a boardwalk, there will be more, as well as over night guests and increased trash. Are the 3 amigos considering the increased costs of beach maintenance and police?
    Maybe there could be a mail vote for all residents? To ensure accountability, those voting in favor of the boardwalk are sent an affidavit assuming all costs for it.

  5. BUILD THE BOARDWALK. Absolutely no negativity. Easier to access beach for seniors. Possible shower or rinsing stations. Pavillion(s) for local gathering. Those that say no may not see the boardwalk in their lifetime anyway. Your grandchildren will have a place to stroll whether in a stroller or not. How safe and cool is that. So, just say yes!

  6. All homeowners in Margate should be allowed to vote on this question. Can be accomplished easily at little cost with online voting. Allegedly Corrupt Commissioners should not be allowed to control this.

  7. Having owned a house in Margate for over 40 years, I absolutely, without a doubt will vote YES to a boardwalk! The positive attributes equivocally out-way any negatives there may be, which personally, I feel there aren’t any. I already visualize a peaceful, calm walk, looking out at over the ocean on our new boardwalk. The stellar opposite of dodging cars on Atlantic and Ventnor Ave, driven by those who do not abide the laws of pedestrians.

  8. I would like to obtain Glenn Klotz’s phone number or email address. My name is Ted Harris and I work for a company called the Dune Science Group, which is affiliated with Links Bridges USA. We specialize in designing, fabricating, and supplying fiberglass Dune Walkover Boardwalks and fiberglass bridge and boardwalk structures. I am interested in talking to Glenn about the potential for a boardwalk for Margate, and I mainly would like to introduce myself to his Margate Boardwalk Committee. Please call me at 814.289.1234 or email me at [email protected]. I live and work from my home office in Somerset, PA.

    Thank you,
    Ted Harris, PE

  9. How is a boardwalk going to get built without massive delays and cost increase when it been years and margate can’t even get a couple bike racks installed‼️Nov referendum to flush $285,000 down the toilet.

  10. Come to the beach at Washington Ave. any night at 8:30 PM until 11:00 or later. Hundreds of kids, screaming, with backpacks( what is in them ?) and evading police efforts to control them.
    I guess you will never hear about the girl, who was taken off of the beach, on a stretcher, at 10:30 PM, August 28, 2020. She was unconscious, her head was flopping on the guerney.
    This is what you want a Boardwalk for?

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