Rebuilding The Margate Boardwalk, Winter 2020 Update.

Margate Boardwalk Glenn Klotz
Klotz & Margate Boardwalk Committee.

The Margate Boardwalk Committee (MBC) presented an updated report to Margate Commissioners on Feb 20.

The question of whether or not to build a Boardwalk is simply too big and too important to be left to the 3 Margate Commissioners. Let the people to decide.

The Margate Boardwalk Committee’s proposal to build a Boardwalk is a response to the problems brought on by the controversial beach and dune project.

Calvin Tesler

Boardwalk Committee now gathering signatures to place a referendum question on Nov 7 ballot in Margate.

The oddly-engineered Margate dunes, have only created more problems. Rebuilding the Margate Boardwalk would fix many of them.

MBC: We have lost access to the beach, views of the ocean and the physical as well as social connections that make us a beach community.

In Aug. of 2019, the report called ‘A Margate Boardwalk for the 21st Century‘ was presented to the city.

MBC: Rebuilding the Margate Boardwalk would reconnect our beaches to the rest of Margate. It would restore our place as a first-class, resort town.

Do you feel safer and more protected now that 14 ft dunes were installed? No.

Did your flood insurance go down as promised by NJ DEP? No.

MBC: The City of Margate fails to recognize the needs of the community. Access, Views and Connections. Ignoring their responsibility to Margate citizens.

City of Margate using scare tactics. Claiming a boardwalk is a fire hazard, a crime magnet, and a maintenance nightmare.

MBC: Is the City of Margate making a good faith effort to have honest dialogue, or are they looking for ways to dismiss the idea?

What’s it gonna cost? The average Margate taxpayer owning a home worth $534,800, will pay approx $220 annually, for a period of 15 years.

MBC: The City of Margate grossly overestimates maintenance costs. Any work needed could easily be performed by anyone with carpentry skills. Note: Ventnor has NO permanent staff dedicated to their boardwalk.

What rebuilt Margate Boardwalk would look like.

Glen Klotz believes the proposed boardwalk in Margate, would benefit residents and beachgoer. A place for walking, running, bike riding and social meeting, like a town square.

Klotz: Exaggerated claims from Margate City Hall only reinforces voters’ lack of trust in local government. This kind of behavior and lack of transparency causes people to question integrity of the City. Who are they really working for?

Margate Boardwalk Lucy
Lucy misses her boardwalk.

Bikers are at grave risk when riding in the street next to vehicular traffic. A rebuilt boardwalk, with a dedicated bike lane, would be dramatically safer.

With a rebuilt Margate Boardwalk, those in wheelchairs would be able to experience the ocean and beach. More family-friendly too. Much easier to access the beach from the street.

The beach as social center. A Margate boardwalk would enhance that benefit. Making Margate more valuable to all, not just a few insiders.

Klotz and the Margate Boardwalk Committee presented a 26-page report at the July 13, 2019 public meeting, advocating for a pedestrian friendly, noncommercial boardwalk.

Need more info? Contact MBC.

15 thoughts on “Rebuilding The Margate Boardwalk, Winter 2020 Update.”

  1. Yes! Rebuild the boardwalk! It will be a great amenity.

    Not all of us have strong enough legs to navigate the sand. $220 is rounding error with respect to our property taxes.

  2. I would like to see a boardwalk. One could actually see the water without having to go down, up, and down again to get to the beach, especially when lugging beach gear …with or without a cart.

  3. Folks, stop pounding your head against the wall. The 3 Amigos are beyond corrupt, just make a “donation” and you will get what you want. This is how things get done! Eyes wide open.

  4. Anders Holmgren

    Go to Ventnor or AC if you want a boardwalk. The points made by the boardwalk people are baseless.

    Ever try to ride a bicycle down the boardwalk or jog on a summer morning? Safer for those bikes to be on the street.

    Safer for the cops to patrol the houses on the beach? LOL! You mean easier for Ventnor and AC trash to come down and rob those homes.

    This entire group is made up of non-year round residents.

    1. > Go to Ventnor or AC if you want a boardwalk

      If you don’t want a boardwalk, move. We want one.

      > Ever try to ride a bicycle down the boardwalk or jog on a summer morning? safer for those bikes to be on the street

      Bicycling on the boardwalk isn’t allowed during daylight hours.

      > You mean easier for ventor/AC trash to come down and rob those homes.

      There’s a public sidewalk 100 yards away on Atlantic Ave. Do criminals not use sidewalks?

      > This entire group is made up of non-year round residents.

      I went to public schools in Margate. And now I live and work in Margate. So, no.

        1. You missed the point of my comment, so I’ll explain it to you. The OP’s arguments are baseless. He claimed the opposing viewpoints are baseless. It’s called satire.

      1. Kyle Newachek

        >Bicycling on the boardwalk isn’t allowed during daylight hours.

        If you were a local you would know that’s false. Bicycling hours are allowed in the morning from AC to Ventnor. Get your facts straight! But I agree with Anders, it will create of pipeline from AC/Ventnor to Margate. Use the money to build a wall at Fredricksburgh!!!

        1. Yikes, is this serious??

          And stop pretending like your not all these commenters. This article is weeks old. Haha.

  5. Right, I commented on this article weeks ago and now I get alerts when someone else posts. None of the new “commenters” posted until today. Guess a lot of people are digging through weeks old news this hour. Lol.

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