Referendum on Rebuilding the Margate Boardwalk

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Should Commissioners consider rebuilding the Margate Boardwalk? That’s the question being asked of voters in the upcoming November election.

The referendum question, if approved by voters, would provide critical guidance. Should we explore feasibility of rebuilding the Margate Boardwalk?

LISTEN to Solicitor Abbott discuss referendum for rebuilding Margate Boardwalk. June 16, 2020.

Margate Boardwalk Referendum 6.16.20

We just want to gauge the sentiment of voters.

Glenn Klotz, Margate Boardwalk Committee.

Klotz formed the Margate Boardwalk Committee to address issues brought about by 14 ft dunes and beach sewer pipe installations over the past 3 years.  

Should Margate investigate feasibility of re-building the once popular boardwalk?

Even if voters approve the referendum, the city isn’t bound to take action and re-build the boardwalk. It’s purely for getting feedback from the community. After the vote, we will either drop it…or will move to the next step. It’s a long process that no one should take lightly.

Background: Recently built dunes had negative affect on those traversing the beach. While dunes and beach sewer pipes certainly degraded pristine views, it also made access to the beach and ocean much more difficult.

A rebuilt Margate boardwalk would address serious concerns from seniors and those with walking challenges. Public safety would be improved as well. Especially for beachfront homeowners, says Klotz.

See: “A Margate Boardwalk for the 21st Century.”

Potential Referendum Question:

The Margate Boardwalk Committee wants the following to be included on the non-binding referendum.

RESOLUTION No. 1 of 2020 ver. 3



WHEREAS, The City of Margate City Board of Commissioners desires to ascertain the sentiment of the voters of the City of Margate City (hereinafter “Margate”) with regard to Margate building a new non-commercial Boardwalk on its public beach extending from the existing boardwalk at Fredericksburg Ave. in Ventnor City on the border with Ventnor to Coolidge Ave. in Margate on the border with Longport.

WHEREAS, The Intent of this ballot question is for the voters of Margate to express their sentiment and give direction to the Margate Board of Commissioners regarding Margate building such a boardwalk;

And WHEREAS, this ballot question and the determination by the voters shall be advisory in nature and non-binding on the Margate Board of Commissioners.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the City of Margate City Board of Commissioners hereby requests that the Atlantic County Clerk place the following question on the November 3, 2020 General Election Ballot:

“Shall the City of Margate City investigate and determine the feasibility and costs of building a non-commercial Boardwalk upon Margate City’s public beach extending from and connected to the end of the existing boardwalk at Fredericksburg Ave. in Ventnor on the border with Ventnor to Coolidge ave. In Margate City on the border with Longport.”

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the following interpretive statement concerning the above question to be place on the November 3, 2020 General Election Ballot for the City of Margate City:

“This question if approved by the voters, will give direction to the City of Margate Board of Commissioners to further investigate and determine the feasibility and costs of Margate constructing such a boardwalk as described in the ballot question above.”

This Resolution shall take effect immediately upon adoption and shall be transmitted forthwith to the Atlantic County Clerk’s Office.

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4 thoughts on “Referendum on Rebuilding the Margate Boardwalk”

  1. So glad that this is moving forward as a voter I know it’s only the first of many steps till a boardwalk is a reality and at least it’s moving forward

  2. re: violent assaults and stabbing on the Ocean City ,MD Boardwalk
    Attached is a link from the Baltimore Sun related to recent violent assaults and a stabbing on the Boardwalk in Ocean City,MD. There is also a link within the article showing the actual brawl. Warning; there is horrific violence and vulgarity in the video.
    With all the recent unrest , this type of violence is a realistic possibility ,should Margate ever proceed with a public boardwalk. I’m not a fan of the boardwalk proposal ,definitely opposed.
    Margate is great the way it is. Let’s leave well enough alone.

    1. So, someone gets stabbed on a Boardwalk somewhere and that means it’s a possibility on a Boardwalk in Margate? Pretty weak argument. Why not just say you don’t like the idea and leave the fear mongering out of it?

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