Reinventing Ventnor, One Neighborhood At A Time. Movie Theaters and More.

Nestled between Atlantic City and Margate, the Downbeach town of Ventnor is working hard to climb out of years of shaky management and limited / questionable re-development.

Not all development plans are embraced by myriad Ventnor neighborhoods. But, one project that gets mostly full support, is the still under-reconstruction of Ventnor’s movie theater. It’s one such example of what Ventnor’s future could look like.

Take a look at some recent pictures of the soon-to-be Ventnor Square Movie Theater. Work has slowed a bit as of late. During construction, structural issues have emerged forcing a few tweaks to stabilize and fortify the classic structure on Ventnor Ave. Still hoping for a late 2019 grand re-opening?


3 thoughts on “Reinventing Ventnor, One Neighborhood At A Time. Movie Theaters and More.”

  1. Sorry to learn of the structural issues. Please provide weekly updates. Residents are excited about any and all progress.

  2. When I first came to Ventnor I was told by the Realtors, “Don’t go North of the Dorset Bridge. Now NORTH BEACH is where the action is. Lots and lots of renovations and the residents have embrassed the NORTH BEACH neighborhood and their neighbors. NORTH BEACH is no longer a place you went to, just go to the beach. Very proud to be just a small part of the reinvention of a neighborhood.

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